Blanket America Patchwork Heritage Quilt Delivers a Message to the People

Blanket America is one of the very few charitable organizations that adopted a Buy 1, Give 1 model.

Online PR News – 09-January-2010 – – Blanket America is one of the very few charitable organizations that adopted a Buy 1, Give 1 model. This model aims to bridge the gap between business and charity by encouraging American consumers to buy a Patchwork Heritage Quilt, the company’s main product, in order to help poor American families in need. This project is supported by well-known organizations and companies, one of which is Gifts in Kind, International. Blanket America is off to a great start thanks to these companies, and with one million as their initial goal, they are set into increasing that number all throughout 2010 as their response to President Barack Obama’s call for unity and strength in the American people.
With over 40 million people suffering from poverty and struggling with the financial crisis, Blanket America is determined to help elevate such poverty by donating one fleece blanket to a needy American for every Patchwork Heritage Quilt bought by a consumer. It aims to turn their mission into a reality, which is represented by a simple question, “What if the greatest economy in human history is able to match what it consumed with what it donated?” Through this, Blanket America is actively encouraging the people to share their support either by buying a Patchwork Heritage Quilt or by donating a blanket directly to those in need of assistance.
Blanket America has gained a lot of publicity since it’s launching of the Buy 1, Give 1 model with companies like, QVC, and JCPenney showing their utmost support through their respective websites. As of today, customers who are interested in buying the Patchwork Heritage Quilt can purchase them from or, each with their own promos and discounts for the item. Prices can range from $50 to $99.99 depending on the size and the function of the product. These are all on a preorder basis as the Patchwork Heritage Quilt will be available come mid-January 2010.
Quilting has long been in the American culture as a medium when there was a need to send a message in secret. This is why Blanket America has chosen the Patchwork Heritage Quilt as its message to the people regarding the importance of unity and strength as a people. The Patchwork Heritage Quilt is a beautifully designed quilt made with high quality materials that make it soft to the touch and a wonderful addition to the bedroom. The front of the quilt shows 12 different fabrics that, when put together, displays the 13 American colonies. The back is the highlight of the product, which has the inaugural speech of President Barack Obama printed on a background of Lady Liberty.