Charlestonian Freudenberg's Books about his family have been Published

Larry W. Freudenberg, a six generation Charlestonian has written three books about his family. All three are sold on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. They chronicle his Jewish family from the first ancestor to come to New York in 1697 until the present day where he lives in Charleston.

Online PR News – 21-September-2011 – – In Larry W. Freudenberg's new book, Ordinary Jews in an Extraordinary World, Freudenberg tells the story of his family starting with his seventh great-grandfather, Abraham Isaacks who came to America in 1697 as an indentured servant and the fascinating tale of Larry’s father and paternal grandparents who came to America in 1940 as refugees and survivors from the horrors of Hitler’s Nazi Germany. His grandmother, Margot Strauss Freudenberg, a retired physical therapist is regarded as one of Charleston’s most admired citizens.

Since publication on August 1, 2011 Ordinary Jews in an Extraordinary World (ISBN-13: 978-1463722937) has been on the Amazon Best Sellers Rank in the top 100 of biographies and memoirs. Ordinary Jews in an Extraordinary World is part of a three volume set published by Freudenberg. Freudenberg Family Genealogy (ISBN-13: 978-1463750794) and Freudenberg Family Scrapbook (ISBN-13: 978-1466318304) are important additions to the collection. All three books are available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Freudenberg is the fourth generation owner of Triest Agency Insurance in Charleston. Established in 1903 by his great grandfather, Montague Triest, this company is one of the oldest surviving small businesses in the south. Triest Agency Insurance speciliazes in home, auto, business, professional and life insurance primariy in the state of South Carolina. A graduate of the Terry School of Business at the University of Georgia, he has dedicated over twenty years to researching his family's roots and publishing three books on the subject.