Website Design Company provides the service that endows businesses withan optimum opportunity to organize the content of their websites to acquire top rank on the search engines, thus enabling them and presently struggling internet marketers to enhance their online reputation. It offers premeditated, dynamic, distinctive, unswerving and secure solutions that help businesses to gain competitive advantage, better customer service; larger market share, augmented revenue, brand equity and reduced advertising spend.

Online PR News – 22-September-2011 – – MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA, September 1, 2011. Melbourne based company mainly focusing on the development of inimitable strategies that facilitate reckonable return on investments for the clientele. Apart from this it fetches a new solution to newbie businesses looking for intended enhancement in their overall online presence.

As per the recent web research, the biggest stumbling block in businesses to achieve online triumph is mainly lack of relatable information about the changing trends in the buyer’s tastes and preferences. The findings have unveiled the fact that 36 percent of businesses don’t have a commercial website and nearly 31percent of the small businesses are underlining their potential by not using internet to promote their business enough.

Almost 60-70% of the customer worldwide search about company specific product or service related information online before giving them the required benefaction.
The existing numbers would drastically increase once the next generation high-speed NBN (National Broadband Network) comes into effect which would connect at least 90 percent of Australian people living in regional, rural and remote areas to various online businesses without too much hassles. The businesses with strong online presence will be able to harness full potential of their website, thereby reaching a much larger audience in a globally-connected competitive market.

“The contemporary phase is perfect to budge from Bricks and Mortar business setup to Clicks and Mortar as more consumers are looking for more product and services online” says Kanika Dhawan, the Managing Director of Website Design company.”We egg on all businesses by providing them with just not website designing and branding services, but also with top-notched consultancy services to builda strong online presence and stand far ahead of their competitors,” he added.

Moreover, it’s not only important to have an online presence but to harness all its recompenses, so that you not only able to enhance and create your brand image online, but also get a desired online market share as 36% of your competition is still not online.

"With the present surge in online marketing sector, our aim is to provide organizations with the required expertise and a stable launch pad todevelop a better business through innovative solutions that could result in prosperity and enduring sustainability," saysKanikaDhawan, Managing Director of the company. "We pride ourselves on our knack to facilitate our clients with a next-generation marketing solution that not only fulfills the requirement of the brand image enhancement, but also the desired financial success online,” he added.
According to Kanika, Website Design Company will cater to provide business leaders & decision makers with the ability to understand their options, gauge their competition and maximize their opportunity.”

Website Design Company offers an array of online marketing and digital media services, including strategy development, web designing and development, SEO, web copywriting, website advertising, pay-per-click management, content distribution, blog development, and targeted email and social network marketing.

Website Design Company is a digital and online marketing agency located in Melbourne. Kanika Dhawan founded the company in 2011 to offer an array of solutions to businesses seeking to augment their online business state of affair and relish the preferred online triumph over their competitors, who are already benefiting from the internet these days. Through it’s one stop digital marketing, website design and web development services, Website Design Company provides assistance to businesses in publicizing and broadcasting their brand image to the target audience with high visibility factor. It caters the need of the clientele ranging from entrepreneurs and SMEs to Large business organizations, specifically who require prompt solutions, which are cost effective and could reveal quick return on investments. For further information, visit their website www.websitedesigncompany.net.au.