Hyperhidrosis Treatments Provider Klima Deodorant Offers Surefoot Spray To Cure Sweaty Feet

Hyperhidrosis solutions provider Klima Deodorant offers an effective treatment to prevent excessive sweating of the feet. Surefoot Spray is a deodorant/antiperspirant designed to stop the wetness and odor associated with plantar hyperhidrosis.

Online PR News – 29-December-2008 – – MIDDLETON, WI -- Klima, LLC, best known for its deodorant-antiperspirant hyperhidrosis treatments, provides plantar hyperhidrosis sufferers topical Surefoot spray to cure sweaty feet. This product uses aluminum in a prescription-strength to prevent sweat glands from releasing wetness.

"The mass produced products sitting on store shelves in America today are completely ineffective as hyperhidrosis treatments. Surefoot sprays are imported from Dermatology Institutes in Europe and have been specifically designed to deal with the excessive sweat that comes with this embarrassing problem," says Guy Kitchell, founder of Klima, LLC. (http://www.klimadeodorant.com/)

Surefoot spray uses a solution of aluminum chloride, chlorohydrate, ethyl alcohol, glycerin, and other ingredients. These components absorb through the toughened skin of the feet to prevent odor and wetness. Customers have reported they only apply the product once every five days, which Klima clients say is a huge benefit over most of the standard brands on the market.

Sweat is produced when the human body becomes excited or nervous. These nerves send signals for the glands to release moisture. With hyperhidrosis, the nervous system sits in a state of confusion and maintains the level of sweat production long after the situation has passed. With an estimated twenty percent of the population suffering from this condition, it is a fairly common yet unknown condition.

"To a hyperhidrosis sufferer, it is more than just a little wetness. This condition literally controls their lives. They are too embarrassed to leave their homes and joining in sporting activities becomes too difficult for them. Intimacy is also extremely difficult for many. When they are able to prevent sweat with effective hyperhidrosis treatments, these people get their lives back," says Kitchell.

Excessive sweat is more than a social problem. It is when the skin is continuously moist that bacteria grows, blisters form, and a foul odor permeates. Hyperhidrosis solutions offered by the medical community have shown some results, but it is not a choice sufferers make lightly.

While Lumbar Sympathectomy is a surgery designed to cure this problem, the procedure is not without side effects. Following the surgery, some patients experience, compensatory sweating, or excessive sweat in random areas of the body.

About Klima, LLC: Klima (http://www.klimadeodorant.com/) has been offering customers hyperhidrosis solutions online since 1992. The company offers excessive sweat sufferers hand and foot spray as well as deodorant antiperspirant to prevent sweating. These prescription strength hyperhidrosis treatments are only available in the US online.

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