RWC Adds Diverse Voices to Blog: More Useful Info for Writers

RWC blog to acquire new bloggers: guests and RWC professionals chiming in on blog will vary the perspectives in articles to help writers

Online PR News – 20-September-2011 – – SHEFFIELD, ENGLAND, SEPTEMBER15, 2011 – The is adding to the variety of perspectives found in our blog. By reaching out to a greater diversity of writers, we hope to increase the usefulness of the articles posted there. Some of our articles will capitalize on the experience of RWC’s professional writers. Others will reflect the expertise of guest writers. We hope that beginning freelancers, as well as those who are contemplating it, will find this new series of blog articles helpful.
On our blog at RWC, we try to address all sorts of subjects of interest to freelancers. We want our blog to be the go-to destination for writers. Whether they are looking for information, inspiration, advice, insider shortcuts and best practices, among many other topics, we want to provide it.
Everything from the psychological challenges that writers confront, to the newest in technology, is on our blog. There are pieces covering inspiration, writer’s block, family resistance, and correct paraphrasing. We have articles that review software, apps, accessories, peripherals, and gadgets that might be of use to writers.
Our site visitors can also find reference articles on citation styles, formats, structure, and essay ideas. We know that these details can be lifesavers when a writer is under a deadline. Why shouldn’t a writer have this sort of library of helpful information readily available? We want our writers to concentrate on the more creative and scholarly aspects of writing – with insightful analysis, astute research, and gem-like prose.
Writers who use our site can check out our staff’s objective opinions concerning online libraries, word processing packages, operating system options, file rescue programs, project management tools, and others. We don’t have any sort of interest in any of these products. Therefore, our readers can be certain of a balanced evaluation of any new or existing item on the market. The RWC tries to save our writers’ time, and money, by doing a great deal of the background work for them.
To accomplish all this, RWC is inviting writers who have never blogged for us before to do so. Some are newbies to the company, although not to writing. Others are long-time employees.
The fact that they have had so many divergent experiences cannot fail to expand the horizons of our blog. Our sincere hope is that both veteran writers, and those who have not yet taken the plunge into freelance writing, use the site.
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We firmly believe that quality work is not a matter of geographic location, native language, gender, or ethnic background. Quality freelance writing work is a matter of attitude and professionalism.