OSHA Focus Four Training Program- A New Launch of 30 Hour OSHA Training Course!

Working at construction site can be dangerous because of the potential hazards present there. But by undertaking OSHA four focus program you can make your workplace a safer place to work.

Online PR News – 09-January-2010 – – 30 Hour OSHA Training Course launches an online OSHA focus four training program. This training program mainly focuses of the four important hazards of a construction industry. This safety training program addresses to the OSHA’s four focus hazards that workers should know to make their worksite a safer place.

30 Hour OSHA Training Course provides 30 Hour OSHA training for both construction and general industry for many years. Through OHSA 30 hour safety training workers will be armed will have the knowledge and skills of the safety and health issues.

Online OSHA focus four training program of 30 Hour Training Course is specifically designed for the foremen, managers, supervisors and project managers. This course of focus four hazards course targets for the education of the workers about the four important hazards in the construction industry. On the completion of the course workers will be able to identify, prevent and eliminate the prevailing hazards in the worksite.

Learning objectives of OSHA Focus Four offered by 30 Hour OSHA Training Course:

• To identify those activities that cause stuck by and caught in between injuries

• To identify and describe the methods of fall protection

• Develop fall protection plan

• Explain the process of locking out and tagging out circuits

• Discuss about grounding

• Discuss the safety related work practices

• Discuss the falls that occur in workplace

• Discuss the types of PPE that reduces caught in between and struck by injuries

• Inspect electricity

• Discuss electrical training

• Discuss fall protection equipment

• Explain how the electricity works

• Describe how to control electrical hazards

• Identify electrical injuries

• Discuss the duty for fall protection

• Stating the requirements for power tools

• Identify and discuss electrical hazards

• To identify preventative measures for avoiding falls

• Discuss about the engineering controls and work practices that minimize caught in between and struck by injuries

Now you can obtain OSHA focus four training program at $ 45 provided by 30 Hour OSHA Training Course. There are also bulk discount given on the number of students enrolling for the safety program. This online safety course comprises of module quizzes and lesson quizzes and final exam that a participant has to undergo for completing the course.

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