Jay Lawlor Encourages Support For the Stone and Light Campaign

The Society of Saint John the Evangelist has been close to the heart of Jay R. Lawlor for many years.

Online PR News – 19-September-2011 – – The Society of Saint John the Evangelist has been close to the heart of Jay R. Lawlor for many years. The Society is the oldest order of monks in the Episcopal Church and it provides ongoing spiritual guidance through writings, sermons and outreach. The brothers lead by example, through their own pious and quiet lives of private devotion.

The Society Saint John the Evangelist order receives no formal funds from Episcopal Church. They rely entirely on private donations from people just like Jay Lawlor. These people give their own money to support the mission and the work of the brothers. Now, the order needs more help than ever, as the buildings they live in are literally falling apart.

The Society of Saint John the Evangelist has a monastery in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The brothers live here, of course, and visitors are encouraged to stay and participate in spiritual retreats. They can learn from the brothers, and participate in some of the services. This is real help for people in spiritual crisis, and it's important work to support, Jay R. Lawlor says. Unfortunately, the monastery is in need of serious upgrades. The entire complex must be rewired and the plumbing must be replaced. Parts of the buildings are leaking. Some of the windows are loose and allow cool air to blow in. Additionally, the brothers believe in sustainability and they would like to put these principals to use in their monastery. They need to replace aging heating/cooling systems with less costly alternatives, and they need to replace water-hogging fixtures with low-flow versions.

Jay R. Lawlor has given generously to the campaign, and he hopes others will do the same. "The brothers do amazing work here, and they deserve our support so that work will continue," Jay R. Lawlor says. "By donating even a small amount of money, people can show the brothers that they believe in their goals, and they can make an investment in the spiritual health and well being of the community. It's worth it!"

Join Jay R. Lawlor in supporting this campaign by visiting the Society of Saint John the Evangelist website at http://www.ssje.org/snl.html.

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