NHS showcases thrifty varicose vein treatment

A groundbreaking procedure to treat varicose veins that could save the NHS £17 million per year, is being unveiled at the NHS National Innovation Centre Showcase.

Online PR News – 19-September-2011 – – The VNUS Closure Procedure, which treats varicose veins, is expected to save more than 7,000 patients from further treatment each year due to failed alternative methods. For same cost as conventional treatments, this new procedure allows a further 25,000 patients to be treated earlier and avoid pain or discomfort.

The conventional treatment for varicose veins involves surgery to strip them out. Vein stripping can be painful for the patient, is relatively time-consuming and expensive for the NHS. Full patient recovery after varicose vein surgery can take several weeks with more than a third of patients needing an overnight stay in hospital.

By contrast, the VNUS Closure procedure is minimally-invasive, and carried out under local anaesthetic, usually in a treatment room rather than an operating theatre.

Patients treated using the VNUS Closure procedure require a hospital stay of just a couple of hours as they are not given general anaesthetic. It means a much faster recovery time, with patients usually able to walk out of the treatment room unaided. They are usually able to return home and resume work within a day, with little or no pain.

The major benefits for the NHS lie in the fact that this procedure is much less resource-intensive than surgery.

Conventional varicose vein stripping is a common operation, taking-up a great deal of operating theatre time. Because the VNUS Closure procedure can be carried-out in a treatment room, it has the potential to free-up theatre-time, enabling the NHS to treat other serious conditions more quickly and so reduce waiting-times.

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