Android Cell Phone Home Security App Can Save Thousands Of Lives In Home Burglaries

3.7 million home burglaries each year – or one home burglary every 8.5 seconds -- in 2008 and 2009, committed across the length and breath of the USA.”

Online PR News – 21-September-2011 – – “In 28% -- 2,072,000 of these burglaries, a household member was present during the burglary. In 7% -- 518,000 a household member experienced some form of violent victimization or were murdered by the burglar," says spokesman Carl Robinson. "When a residential occupant comes home to discover a home burglary in progress they are taken by surprise and sometimes brutally murdered by the home burglar. The WIIA 2.1 Home Security Camera App for Google Android camera phones prevent a fatal surprise encounter with a home burglar.

Robinson said the “Android WIIA 2.1 Home Security Camera App cell phone to cell phone warning pictures is like having someone inside the home texting pictures to the resident that a burglar has broken in. It’s high tech prevention for family members’ risk of being injured or murdered by accidental encounter with a burglar surprise-in-one's-own-home. The Android Home Security Camera App WIIA 2.1 alarm pictures are direct verification of a burglar break-in and gets the fastest police interceptor response for just a few cents a day. Most homes have multiple cell phones and need to use them to protect their families’ lives and property. This is common sense to having a safer home and is a quick and powerful solution to an ugly home burglary problem that is killing people in their own homes. There is no third party or police delay in responding to a burglary in progress.”

“Android camera phones are free with some carrier contracts or less than $150 for prepaid purchase without a contract and the 2.1 app cost less than $10. This is a small insurance investment to protect lives in one’s household. The Android app detection and sending of pictures is lightening fast compared to any other system and it sends them direct to the users’ personal cell phone while they are away and there is a home burglar present,” says Robinson. “It’s a revolution in the ease and effectiveness of people having direct protection against life threatening home burglaries.”

“ is looking for venture capital or a venture partner to rapidly roll out this new Google Android home security system app technology to the Global wireless markets of five billion plus wireless subscribers,” Robinson said. “Home burglary murders are a major problem in the USA, the UK, Australia and many countries. Less than 10% of home burglar murderers are brought to justice. We desperately want the global public to adopt this life saving protection as rapidly as possible. The subscriber framework is already in place.”

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