Shocktec Products Helps Save Lives, One Bullet at a Time

NC Company creates product to help save lives of soldiers and police force

Online PR News – 20-September-2011 – – Shocktec Products Helps Save Lives, One Bullet at a Time


Bulletproof vests on the market today don't guarantee that a police officer or soldier still won't be killed or seriously injured by the force of the bullet, but a material developed by Mooresville-based Shocktec Products Inc. significantly improves the odds of survival.

Ballistics live-fire testing on Shocktec Products Inc. military-grade padding for bulletproof vests reduced the potential for life threatening blunt force trauma by up to 50 percent.

The SHOCKtec® HD FR padding reduced the impact of the bullets by dissipating and absorbing energy that can prove fatal even if a bullet doesn’t pierce a protective Kevlar vest.

The tests showed that SHOCKtec® HD FR reduced by up to 50 percent the “back face deformation,” or depth of penetration of Kevlar into the body after a bullet’s impact.

The results confirm earlier independent testing on the SHOCKtec® material conducted from 2005 to 2007 by Florida State University’s College of Engineering.

SHOCKtec® HD FR is a dense polyurethane elastomer of high molecular weight that has extraordinary properties for dissipating energy.

The material is positioned between the vest and the officer or soldier’s body and significantly reduces the chances that back face deformation will render a soldier or officer incapacitated, or severely injured, said W. Bruce Kemmler, Vice President of Mooresville-based Shocktec Products Inc.

The tests were conducted on Aug. 25, 2011, at the ballistics testing range of a large North Carolina military products manufacturer.

“One of the most serious problems with vests is their inability to eliminate injuries caused by back face deformation when a bullet strikes the Kevlar, and military contractors and police vest manufacturers are struggling to reduce the degree of back face deformation,” Kemmler said. “Our SHOCKtec® HD FR significantly reduces the degree of back face deformation.”

Shocktec Products Inc. was founded in June 2011 by a conglomerate of investors interested in the potential of the SHOCKtec product. The company’s full line of SHOCKtec® materials are used in various military and law enforcement applications, including Blast Seats and Blast Mats. SHOCKtec’s extraordinary properties include extreme vibration dampening and impact protection.

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SHOCKtec® is a registered trade mark of Kemmler Products, Inc.