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The magnum opus web portal provides its users this exciting opportunity to watch movies online without downloading them.

Online PR News – 20-September-2011 – – The magnum opus web portal provides its users this exciting opportunity to watch movies online without downloading them.

September 19, 2011: Live Watch Movies, one of the most renowned online movie portals, offers this exceptional facility to watch free movies online without the necessity to download them. The movie portal comprises in its enriched online library, a gamut of enthralling flicks that encompass both the latest movies as well as the masterpiece celluloid galore from the classic olden times. holds this dubious distinction to allow its users watch movies online as well as to download movies that could adhere to their own taste and genre. It consists of all of them, be it a rib tickling romantic comedy, an action packed thriller, a hair-raiser horror flick, a technology bitten sci-fi movie or the one that dawns yet another engaging genre. To help the users make the most of such gripping motion pictures, the web portal allows them to watch free movies online, i.e. without paying a single penny. All they need is to select their favorite movie and surrender their next 90 minutes or so to an unaccountable excitement.

To allow the most crystal clear pictures and an unmistakable sound quality, it supports a wide list of compatible video formats, prominent of them being DVD, HD DVD, DIV-X and IPOD. While the DivX format leverages the latest video technology to assure an exceptional degree of realism and sharpness in the movie quality, DVD format lays the foundation of a high profile dynamism with an out of the world sound effect that even justifies the sound of a pin-drop at its best. Not to mention, HD DVD and IPod are also not far behind in allowing the unparalleled quality to captivate the attention of viewers.

The website also provides trailers of all the flicks at its end, if the users are unable to make up their mind on which movies to watch. This is followed by concise movie plotline that further raises the interest level among the viewers and they can just not resist seeing the flick in its entirety. For people who would like to leave behind their own valuable comments after watching the trailer or the whole movie, the website provides a befitting platform. They can put forth their own ideas about the movie to motivate the others watch movies online from this portal.

Movie buffs that restrain themselves from the practice to watch free movies online leading to the fear of attacks from virus, bugs or a malware may find deep routed respite with this safe and secure website. Films from this website are absolutely ideal to be run on the computers and other devices without posing a threat to their existence. As an additional security measure, the movie portal collaborates with the most flawless media player in the market available today that is required to be downloaded before watching movies through the former.

To summarize, the acts as an accomplished movies package that has something in it for each of the movie lovers.

About : The website is a prominent one to help the users watch movies online without downloading them. It is home to a splendorous gamut of all the contemporary and classic movies representing almost every possible genre.

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