New Website Launched for Portfolio WordPress Themes

Foerster SEO announced the launch of a new site dedicated to portfolio WordPress themes. The new site offers reviews, round-ups, news, and analysis of developments in the market for portfolio-focused WordPress themes.

Online PR News – 20-September-2011 – – Boulder, CO - Foerster SEO`s new site, WordPress Portfolio Themes, will cover developments in this area WordPress. The site offers an up-to-date round-up of the top-selling Portfolio themes for WordPress, and a blog for discussion of new themes, plugins, and development that affect how WordPress handles portfolios.
"In our web and SEO business, we work with a lot of photographers, job-seekers, models, artists, and others that are building websites," says Foerster. "Many have never heard of WordPress, but we think it`s the best solution for most."
WordPress is an open-source website platform, and it is currently the fastest growing platform for websites in the world. Originally designed as a blogging platform, it has expanded dramatically as a general content management system, and it is surrounded by a community of developers who have released a rich array of WordPress themes for specific purposes.
WordPress portfolio themes generally offer easy ways to showcase imagery, photos, artwork, and design work. They are excellent for creative professionals looking for simple ways to showcase their work, adds Foerster. As with WordPress in general, there has been an explosion of portfolio-oriented designs and functionality by major WordPress developers. This has facilitated the development of many quality and eye catching portfolio WordPress themes for designers and blog owners.
Most Portfolio themes for WordPress come with varying color options and the freedom to be edited according to the requirements of users. Aside from colors, the templates works to separate the WordPress content from the portfolio. This is a unique feature which helps designers to segregate content, make easily navigable websites, and provide a more aesthetically pleasing and functionally effective look. These portfolios for WordPress are the perfect tool for web designers looking to create a balanced, attractive and yet easy to use platform.
These themes offer a range of diverse and attractive design options for blogs and for artists and designers looking to capture their visitors’ attention. In creative fields where attractive design remains a primary element in promotion, well-designed portfolio WordPress themes can provide critical advantage in the marketplace for services. The versatility of these themes adds to their vitality and makes them a great choice for any enterprise on the WordPress platform today.
"I guess we are like evangelists for WordPress," says Foerster. "We think WordPress is the future for websites, including online portfolios." With the growing popularity of the Wordpress as a platform, this statement is undeniable.