Removing Self Sabotage in Finance and Relationship Is the Goal

Removing Self Sabotage in Career, Finance, Relationship and Sex is the goal of “The First Key” e-book by Beverly Hills Psychiatrist, Dr. Daphna Slonim.

Online PR News – 21-September-2011 – – Beverly Hills, CA – September 13, 2011 – As the economy is in a state of upheaval, and everyone is worried about job security, investing and saving, Los Angeles Psychiatrist, Dr. Daphna Slonim suggests that people can reach most of their financial goals if they overcome one obstacle: subconscious sabotage.

Making Money, Investing Money, Saving Money – Is your money thermostat subconsciously set too low?

“You probably don’t know it, but – no matter who you are, or how old you are –we all have subconscious sabotage to one thing or another: money, relationship, sex, weight, you name it”… said Slonim, who describes how anyone can overcome subconscious sabotage in her new e-book, “The First Key.”

“Instead of putting people on the sofa for years, I get to the subconscious in a few seconds. I have a system that easily and quickly removes the sabotage. In a very short time people get to the real core issue that was holding them back.”

So whether it is money, relationship, weight, health, or sex, the issues you are having are probably a result of subconscious sabotage, and the good news is YOU CAN FIX IT!

“Most of what is written on your wall is unconscious. Either it was too painful to remember, or it was just forgotten. Yet, from deep down, it has more power over you,” she said. “When you become aware of the enemy, you can face it, realize it is nonsense, and dismiss it as such. When you are unaware of the enemy, it can stab you in the back.”

Dr. Slonim says:

“You cannot be happy if subconsciously you feel that you don’t deserve it.”
“You cannot make money or find your ideal career if subconsciously you feel that you are not good enough.”
“You cannot, lose weight or enjoy sex if subconsciously you don’t feel it is safe.”

“The First Key” e-book is perfect for people who are being sabotaged by their subconscious. For example:

People who want to make more money or find a better career.
Entrepreneurs who want to be more successful in business.
Executives who want to reach goals.
Investors who want to make better choices
People who are looking to find their soul-mate.
People who want to better enjoy sex.
People who sabotage their health.
People who are unable to lose weight.
People who ruin their relationships.

“The First Key” is a simple manual showing you how to detect subconscious sabotage and how to effectively remove it using short, simple, and easy to follow techniques.

The e-book comes with links to short videos of Dr. Slonim demonstrating her technique. The price is only $29.95.

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About Daphna Slonim M.D.:

Dr. Slonim is a Board Certified psychiatrist practicing in Beverly Hills since 1984. She was a co-director of two NATO projects, teaching psychologists how to effectively treat trauma, using energy psychology and her Sabotage Correction Technique.

“It is NOT Hocus Pocus. It is for real. At the NATO seminar I worked with 34 psychologists. In the beginning they rolled their eyes in disbelief, then their jaws dropped in amazement and by the end of the seminar they gave me a standing ovation.”


Daphna Slonim M.D.