Purple Piano Project Inspires New Age Piano Teacher

Unusual pianos and an eclectic piano style come together!

Online PR News – 19-September-2011 – – In case you haven’t heard, a new Season of Glee starts on Tuesday, September 20, 2011. Directed by Eric Stoltz, the episode features a number of purple pianos.

And that inspires ‘New Age’ piano teacher Edward Weiss.

Weiss says…

“I love the whole idea of painting a piano purple. Especially since the piano is usually taken so seriously. It creates a fun atmosphere I find attractive.”

Weiss, no stranger to the piano himself, teaches something called ‘new age’ piano online. Soothing and relaxing, the New Age piano style has been around since the early 1980's and is still growing, thanks in no small part to this teacher's online piano course.

Weiss explains:

“The term ‘new age’ has gotten more flack than just about any other genre of music out there. But the fact is it’s just a soothing, relaxing piano style that many use to unwind with. My online piano lessons teach adults how to play piano without having to go through years and years of classical study."

The course Weiss teaches is not as famous as the TV show Glee, but this 'new age' piano teacher hopes to change all that.

A free piano lesson ‘Summer Morning’ and free book ‘Free to be Creative at the Piano’ are currently available on Weiss’s website.