New UK Online Therapy & Coaching Directory Offers a New Market for Practitioners

A new UK-based directory is offering online counsellors, coaches and therapists low cost advertising in an exclusive market.

Online PR News – 18-September-2011 – – is new web directory that offers online counsellors, coaches and therapists in the UK a unique market to promote their services.

Therapy Market makes it easy to search for and find online therapy, webcam counselling or coaching over the Internet. And the good news is that practitioners can list on the website for one low annual subscription.

Founder of Therapy Market, Ash Rehn, who is a counsellor himself, wanted to raise the profile of online therapy and coaching and give Internet based counsellors and coaches in the UK a dedicated website to promote their services and reach more clients.

"In the existing UK counselling directories, coaches, counsellors and therapists who work over the Internet are almost invisible and have to compete with face to face practitioners in postcode-based searches.

"Therapy Market is especially designed to showcase online therapists, psychologists and coaches. Online counselling and web based coaching services are not limited by geography. So we promote our Therapy Market professionals on the basis of their skills and expertise, not their postcodes."

Coaches and counsellors on Therapy Market have the choice to pay a low annual subscription of £150 or a monthly subscription of £15 through Paypal. In return they will receive their own profile page on the site that they can edit, change or update whenever they like.

"Therapy Market offers great value when compared to other online coaching and UK counselling directory listings." says Rehn. "Our subscribers pay no commissions or transfer fees, just a small annual or monthly listing charge and they can cancel their subscription at any time.

"We aim to make Therapy Market the most visible and best visited directory of online therapists, counsellors and coaches in the UK. This will mean our listed practitioners can help even more clients."

Therapy Market is already ranking highly on Google. The website directory is open to counsellors and therapists who are not members of the BACP (the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy).

"We welcome all coaches, counsellors, psychologists and therapists who are members of an appropriate professional association, have adequate insurance, maintain their skills and have regular supervision or peer coaching."

For more information go to or contact Ash Rehn on 020 8123 6677.