Obama for America 2012 spokesman says Rush “Goebbels” Limbaugh is promoting riots in America.

“Rush Limbaugh’s radio show is received by millions of Americans as a news programs, but in fact it is a Goebbels well oiled propaganda machine,” said Carl Robinson a spokesman for Obama for America 2012.

Online PR News – 19-September-2011 – – The Obama for America 2012 dot org spokesman says “Rush Limbaugh is strikingly similar to Paul Joseph Goebbels the German Third Reich Minister of Propaganda. Paid $50 million a year to broadcasts on 635 radio stations he pummels democrats and the President of the United States with lies and palpable hatred daily five days a week and sometimes on weekends. Rush’s right wing propaganda machine regularly stokes the fears of riots by the masses of working poor in an effort to whip up the extremists, racists and mentally unbalanced in the Republican Forth Reich.

Rush recently said on his radio show that “I can't remember if I said this on this program or just to friends, but I know I've said it to friends. You'll have to recall yourself whether I've said this on the radio or not, but over the last two years, I myself have said that before all is said and done there's gonna be riots in this country over this stuff, and Obama wants it, not gonna be upset by 'em. Chaos, it's all part of the continuing chaos. Well, if I haven't said it, I did.”

Rush continued that “What is different is there is all this hope that the first black president would translate into who knows what they thought, but it was gonna certainly be different than it is. Magical economic change for the better, and look at black unemployment, sky-high, black teenage unemployment, sky-high. It's obvious Obama is not down for the struggle. So all the investment they had, hope and change, it hasn't manifested. Obama doesn't even appear to be interested in being one of them. Look, you and I know he's not, but the fact is that everybody in the campaign and all that, you remember when he went down to Selma and talked about the movement and said that his dad was inspired by what went on at Selma so he's tried to make it look like he was down for the struggle.”

“Only in America," says Robinson, "can the reincarnation of a mad lunatic flourish on the airwaves. Rush ‘Goebbels’ Limbaugh is digging and stirring extremist hatred and race baiting as hard as humanly possible – super human some might call it -- to promote riots in America through his Golden EIB radio microphone.”

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