Website Reboot – Create Hot Website Content That Sells

This teleseminar series is specially tailored for wellness practitioners to help them create hot copy for their website in 14 days.

Online PR News – 18-September-2011 – – Is your website working hard enough?
Is your website turning prospects away because it is not inspiring your audience?

Having a website that represents your services in a professional and credible manner while reflecting your personal brand is no longer an option.

Is the process of defining your personal brand and identifying your target market holding you back?
Is “not knowing” who you are talking to sabotaging your message?

What if you have all the steps that you need to take to craft compelling content for your website – tailored specifically to the “internet attention span” – in one neat little package? No more, no less, NO FLUFF! Just the right amount to capture attention and inspire action.

Does your prospect know what to do after reading your website? Are they taking meaningful action to connect with you or buy your product?

Imagine you have the guiding principles and a nifty checklist so that you can be sure your prospect knows exactly what to do after reading your content.

Is your website content positioning you as the expert in your field?

Figuring out your expertise, crafting your unique selling proposition and communicating the fact that you are the expert is essential in building trust and creating success. Remember – people buy from experts!

Is your program offering irresistible? Is the website copy speaking to the desire of your audience and making them want to buy from you?

If not, your website is not doing its job.


The Website Reboot Teleseminar series guides participants through the Website Reboot 3-step signature system. Following the steps and doing the work, you will be able to create hot copy for your website in 14 days. Learn more at

In this 3-part teleseminar series, participants will learn:
- The 3 guiding principles to creating a website that get people to actually READ your content (how many times have your left a website because you can’t find what you want right away?)
- How to create meaningful content that is congruent with your brand identity, your mission and your vision
- How to map out your website to maximize your content creation effort
- How to create clear navigation that gets your prospects to where they need to be (the buy button!)
- What essential pages you need to create to get your site up and running fast so that you can start rolling in the dough
- How to structure your pages with relevant information and get your visitors to take action
- What additional pages beyond the basics that will add value to your site, help you grow your list, propel your business forward and position you as the expert

To get a taste of this class, listen to the Website Reboot Preview Call:

The Website Reboot Teleseminar series includes:
- 3 live calls with Q&A (a $149 value)
- Recordings of all 3 training calls so that you can revisit the materials whenever and wherever (a $99 value)
- “Reboot Your Website Content Creation Kit – Step-by-Step Guide” eBook that shows you want exactly needs to go into each page (a $49 value)
- “Reboot Your Website Content Creation Kit – Nail Your Message” eBook that guides you through a series of exercises so that you can create authentic content that speaks to your target audience (a $49 value)
- Bonus: first 5 people to sign up will get a 15-minute one-on-one laser coaching session with me ($75 value)
Total of this package is over $400!

Total investment for this class is only $179.
There is a $50 off Early Bird Special: sign up by 9/23, and the class is only $99! It’s more than 75% off the total combined value of the whole package!

Classes will be held on Thursdays 9/29, 10/6 and 10/13 at 4pm PDT/7pm EDT

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Ling Wong, Certified Holistic Health Coach, facilitates this teleseminar. She has over 15 years of experience in design and digital marketing. She has led a ton of digital marketing projects for big consumer goods companies that need to see results. She has sat in rooms full of New York ad agency types, bounced ideas around, came up with strategies, played devil’s advocate, vetted through ideas for their feasibility and profitability, and planned for implementation. Ling brings to the table a synergy of all of her skills. She makes top-notch agency thinking and process, applied to a holistic wellness context, available to wellness practitioners. Her mission is to help holistic wellness practitioners “get out there” in a professional and credible manner, without having to reinvent the wheel every single time. Learn more at