New York State Population, Apportionment, and Redistricting Changes Over the Last 100 Years

New Wild Frog Studio Infographic Shows Significant Changes to New York State Population, Apportionment, and Redistricting Over the Last 100 Years

Online PR News – 19-September-2011 – White Plains, New York – Wild Frog Studio, an award-winning full-service marketing, design, and advertising firm located in Westchester, New York has released the first in a series of information graphics (infographics) based on the 2010 United States Census Report.

The first infographic combines related data from the census report to show the significant changes to the population size, apportionment, and redistricting of the state of New York over the past 100 years. Wild Frog Studio’s use of infographics to convey complex data and statistics allows for an easy-to-understand simplified, clean visual. The infographic seen below provides a simple snapshot of how the state of New York increased by over 10,000,000 residents from the years 1910 to 2010, but still decreased from having over 43 congressional representatives to 27 congressional representatives in the same period.

Apportionment and redistricting over the years has clearly diminished New York’s presence in Washington, DC, and the many changes may have impacted whether a district leans Democrat or Republican. In a time of wide-ranging economic and political problems in the United States, district modifications, as a result of population change, can greatly create political controversy and is a topic of debate in current events.

The infographic from Wild Frog Studio in Westchester, New York shows candidates who want to represent New York in the House of Representatives must appeal to a larger constituency to win fewer seats. This both highlights the increasing competitiveness of the New York political scene and why gridlock is prevalent in today’s Congress. Because Democrats and Republicans must appeal to a wider range of interests to win votes, it becomes harder for some representatives to take firm stances in certain contentious political issues. Unfortunately, as a result, legislation is often stalled, creating frustrations.

Over the next several months, Wild Frog Studio will use its creativity and expertise in design to release more infographics based on the 2010 United States Census Report and relating to social media and the 2012 election. Wild Frog Studio is recognized for excellence in various categories from print to Web. This year, the studio was presented five awards at the 40th Annual Big W Gala, held by the Advertising Club of Westchester in New York.


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