Siawi Bible Translation Team Moving Two Books Closer to New Testament

The translation of 2 Corinthians has received its final check, meaning it is ready for printing. The Bible translation team is now doing comprehension checking on the book of John, to determine how well it communicates to the Siawi people.

Online PR News – 16-September-2011 – – The Siawi Bible translation team and NTM missionary Linda Krieg are two steps closer to the day the entire New Testament will be assembled and printed in one book.

Krieg, 66, has been part of the missionary team to the Siawis since 1986. That’s the year the Siawis, an unreached people group, invited New Tribes Mission to begin planting a church among them. And she’s still there now, after Siawi church leaders have been ordained and the last other missionaries, Jason and Shannon Swanson, moved out.

That’s because Krieg is still translating God’s Word into the Siawi language. So far, she’s completed 76 percent of the New Testament translation.

In August, 2 Corinthians was checked and approved for publication, with a few final corrections. It will be printed as a separate booklet, as others books have been, so it is available to the Siawi believers even as they await a complete New Testament.

Now the Bible translators have turned their attention to the book of John. Specifically, they are doing comprehension checking of the draft translation. Comprehension checking ensures that the translation clearly conveys to the Siawis all that is wrapped up in each verse – and points to passages or verses that need more work.

“As we work our way through John, as in all the other books we’ve done, we are constantly being blessed by the nuggets of precious truths,” Krieg said.

With 2 Corinthians completed and John well under way, the Siawi New Testament is now 76 percent complete.

About New Tribes Mission:

New Tribes Mission was founded in the USA in 1942. From the beginning, two things have made NTM distinct among missions organizations:

1) New Tribes Mission works only among the world’s least-reached people groups

2) New Tribes Mission equips those groups to lead their own churches

NTM is non-denominational, with 2,500 missionaries from a variety of evangelical churches serving in Africa, Latin America and the Asia-Pacific Region.

NTM is international, with missionaries from nearly 30 countries. NTM USA is the US organization. It is a registered 501(c)(3) organization, based in Sanford, Florida.

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