Universal Metal Trading Dmcc Links Itself With RecycleInMe - An Authentic Global Scrap Portal

Universal Metal Trading Dmcc Links Itself With RecycleInMe - An Authentic Global Scrap Portal

Online PR News – 18-September-2011 – – Nagercoil, TamilNadu ( onlineprnews ) September 15, 2011 - Nowadays, there is a very good scope for scrap business all over the world that many business men have started to do scrap trade in large quantities in the local as well as international markets. Scraps of different kinds like aluminium scraps, plastic scraps, copper scraps, lead scrap, zinc scrap, nickel scrap, electronic scrap, battery scrap, brass scrap, glass scraps, paper scraps are traded all over the globe to be reprocessed or recycled into finished metals.

Some reports state that, one of the materials that is easiest and fastest to recycle is aluminum. Aluminum cans can be recycled and reused within 60 days. Steel is another metal that can be recycled completely and can save tones of iron ore, coal, and energy. Therefore, it is very important to recycle steel and aluminum. Both metals can be recycled and reused repeatedly. Overall it’s estimated that the scrap industry processes more than 145,000,000 tons of scrap material per year into fresh raw material as feedstock for industries all over the globe. These scrap materials include all kinds of scraps including scrap piles from trashes, from scrape yards, scraps from piles, scraps from disposed automobiles, etc.

Because of the increasing demand of scraps in the market, many recycling companies are trading scraps all over the globe. Universal Metal Trading Dmcc is one among such companies which are the best dealers of PET scraps and scrap metals at best rates. "We handle copper scrap, brass scrap, aluminium scrap, lead scrap, stainless steel scrap, zinc scrap, HMS, LMS, scrap batteries, plastic scrap, aluminium ingots, lead ingots and zinc ingots at the right prices." Says Mr.Garen Djerdjerian, the spokesperson of Universal Trading Dmcc.

To put it in simple words, Universal Metal Trading Dmcc which is already dedicated completely for the scrap business, has now joined hands with RIM which is an ultimate scrap portal to take its business to great heights in an international level.

About Universal Metal Trading Dmcc:

Universal Metal Trading Dmcc, a famous plastic scrap trading company from Dubai in United Arab Emirates has recently joined recycleinme.com which is a leading universal scrap portal as an ultimate member. More details and offers of Universal Metal Trading Dmcc at http://recycleinme.com/rim-gareno/home.aspx