The sales hype surrounding products in the home electronics world is often confusing for consumers.

Online PR News – 18-September-2011 – – The sales hype surrounding products in the home electronics world is often confusing for consumers. Consumers are bombarded with a dizzying array of new electronics and electronic gadgets that are all designed to enhance and simplify our lives and marketed by every means imaginable. But, marketers only want consumers to see one side of their electronics in the advertising, the sales hype side.

Now there’s a new unbiased source for consumers to get information, All About Home Electronics, a resource website crafted from 20 years experience installing over 10,000 home electronics & electronic systems.

All About Home Electronics is an informational website which features simple to follow explanations on real world home electronics systems & gadgets, how these systems work, and how these systems are installed and setup.

“Once a consumer has this information they are better prepared when they go out looking to purchase these electronics. We’ve learned from working with a lot of consumers they really value this information in part because it’s unbiased... unlike when you walk into a retailer and ask a sales associate who’s worked there for just 2 months” says John Everett, the resource site’s founding principle.

All About Home Electronics even has features, both forum and email, to ask questions on projects your working on or products you’re considering purchasing.

The range of electronic systems covered by All About Home Electronics is extensive. Topics such as: Home Theater, Keepon, Karaoke, 3D TV, Security, Surveillance, Google TV, Universal All in One TV Remote Controls, Home Computer Networking, Music and Entertainment systems as well as convergence applications like GOOGLE TV can all be found on the site.

Just an example, surveillance cameras including nanny cams have become increasingly popular in an untrustworthy world. But did you know there are many different system types? Whether you are protecting your home or business, you will want to know your options and learn about which solution will best fit your needs for your money. All About Home Electronics offers straight forward information on the different types and options so when you go to shop you know what to look for. This will save consumers time, money and frustration.

All About Home Electronics also explains: home phones, universal all in one remotes, HDMI and other TV/audio cables and burglar alarm systems and much more. There are countless products & systems that have been explained on this website. It is the go to resource for any consumer that needs real information before they shop.

Not only does All About Home Electronics include explanations of gadgets and gizmos, they also has in depth explanations of panic buttons, smoke alarms and false alarm solutions so that you can be sure your home is equipped with the best safety equipment.

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