Litigation Support Guru Launches Mentoring Website

Amy Bowser-Rollins gives back to the Litigation Support Community and provides a much needed avenue for those interested in a great new career in Litigation Support.

Online PR News – 16-September-2011 – – A seasoned Litigation Support Guru gives back to the Litigation Support Community by launching a website that will provide a much needed avenue for anyone interested in a career in Litigation Support.

Amy Bowser-Rollins has been working in the legal field for 30 years and she herself landed in litigation support during its infancy. Her background in litigation, training and databases was a perfect foundation for litigation support. Electronic discovery soon infiltrated the litigation support arena and everyone began learning "on-the-job".

After years of hiring team members from a variety of different career paths, Amy eventually learned which personality traits and skill sets are best conditioned for the very dynamic, fast-paced, stressful and very technical litigation support role on the legal team.

Even to this day, there is no formal training for this field. There are a few courses in the universities but they are very high level and they certainly do not prepare someone to step into a litigation support role. Amy intends to do just that.

Amy is a mentor at heart and enjoys encouraging people to see what they are capable of accomplishing in their own career. She will often coach someone and then instruct them to take full credit in front of an attorney. She wants them to look good and to feel empowered. Visit to read her article entitled "Welcome to My World".

Amy is well respected in her industry and there is no doubt that she has the qualifications, expertise and commitment to help many others prepare for a career in litigation support. She will be honest, even blunt at times, and thoroughly devoted to the students of the Litigation Support Guru programs.

"I have been planning for over 5 years to launch this mentoring program and I'm so excited the time is finally here" stated Amy Bowser-Rollins.

To avoid any confusion, Amy has written an article that describes what the new website is NOT intended to be. See for more details.

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