Green Biz Delivers Eco-Friendly Pet Waste Service to Local Communities at No Cost to Cities or Taxpayers

Denver, CO (September 15, 2011) – Poo Free Parks™, a privately-held company providing environmentally-responsible pet waste supplies and services to local communities, announces it has expanded to new markets and is now under contract with The Pleasant Valley Recreation and Park District in the city of Camarillo, CA to deliver its eco-friendly dog waste program. This public-private partnership program -- the first of its kind in the nation – has now increased its presence to cover parks throughout Colorado, Illinois and California with more than 30 other cities or agencies currently evaluating the program for implementation.

Poo Free Parks’™ eco-friendly program includes the installation, supply and upkeep of waste bag dispensers made from 100 percent recyclable aluminum, filled with 100 percent biodegradable bags designed to naturally deteriorate within 18 months. The dog waste dispensers are maintained weekly by crews driving hybrid vehicles. The service, aimed at reducing harmful pet waste in parks and waterways with an environmentally- and socially-responsible approach, is delivered to local communities at no cost to municipalities or taxpayers and is funded through cause-marketing efforts by like-minded businesses and organizations that are publicly recognized for their support on signage attached to each station.

Pleasant Valley Recreation and Park District in the city of Camarillo, CA is the second community outside of Colorado to utilize the full suite of Poo Free Parks’™ services. Through the partnership with Poo Free Parks™, the Pleasant Valley Parks District will gain over 60 pet waste dispensers in 28 parks, and will save over $13,000 on staff time, vehicle expenses and waste bags. Parkgoers can expect to see the dispensers in the parks by mid-October.
The concept has already been embraced throughout Colorado with Colorado State Parks recently signing on to participate, in addition to several cities and municipalities in the Denver Metro Area.

“We look forward to bringing our service to more and more communities across the country. The response to the program has been overwhelming and we continue to expand our outreach to other interested locations,” says Poo Free Parks™ founder and president, Bill Airy. “The Poo Free Parks™ program helps
to take a fiscal burden off the shoulders of local municipalities and taxpayers, cleans up parks and waterways and reduces the amount of harmful plastics in our environment, while giving businesses and organizations public recognition for giving back to their communities.”

Program sponsors include PETCO, Mountain States Toyota and The Greenway Foundation, a Denver-based non-profit organization. As the program’s initial corporate sponsor, PETCO helps offset the cost of the program for participating organizations in some markets. “Poo Free Parks™ is making such a positive movement in keeping community parks and waterways free of plastic and pet waste,” says Greg Seremetis, vice president of marketing, PETCO. “PETCO is excited be part of something on the ground level that is poised to grow exponentially and have a dramatic impact on keeping our parks clean for pets and their parents to enjoy."

About Poo Free Parks™
Poo Free Parks™ is a Denver-based, privately-held company providing eco-friendly pet waste services and materials. The company is dedicated to keeping parks and waterways clean and beautiful in an environmentally-, fiscally- and socially-responsible manner, providing employment opportunities to heavily disadvantaged members of the community and bringing value and recognition to sponsorship partners. For more information, please visit www.PooFreeParks.com.

About The Pleasant Valley Recreation and Park District
The Pleasant Valley Recreation & Park District, an independent special district, was formed in January 1962 under the State Public Resource Code of California. The birth of the District was approved by voters in the Camarillo community to provide quality programs, parks and facilities that can be enjoyed by everyone. The District is located in and around the city of Camarillo, serves a population of over 70,000 and covers an area approximately 45 square miles. It has grown from one park to 28 parks since its inception 49 years ago. Within the District, a variety of recreational facilities exist including: a senior center, an indoor aquatic center, a community center, a dog park, lighted ball fields, tennis courts, a running track, walking paths, soccer fields, hiking trails, picnic shelters, children's play equipment, barbecue areas and much more!
For more information on the Pleasant Valley Recreation and Park District call (805) 482-1996 or visit www.pvrpd.org.