GOLD - $2,000 Level - Is the Sky Is The Limit !!

Gold is making history. Our historical statistics from the 1980’s at $850 an ounce and now $1,900 are in the forefront as we see the increases in the price of Gold in the next while. Historically, Gold has been the only sustainable currency in world that has not lost its value, but only has increased value over time. Therefore, more and more traders are investing their money into gold as opposed to other investment products.

Online PR News – 15-September-2011 – – Will you get on board the gold bull market? Gold hit $1922.20 per ounce on September 6, 2011. Experts predict that it will go even higher. Mike Maloney predicts $15,000 an ounce. Marc Faber advises that 20 to 30% of a financial portfolio should be in gold. In August 2011, J.P. Morgan raised its 2011 prediction for the price of gold by 39% to $2,500.

"Why Are People Buying Gold?"

Gold has always been valued for its beauty and durability. It is a scarce mineral with a limited supply on the planet. The World Gold Council estimated that all of the gold mined since ancient times would amount to 158,000 tonnes.

Gold is money. Throughout history, merchants have trusted in gold as the preferred currency of exchange. International traders have little use for another nation's currency inside their own country. When gold is used as the currency of exchange, they can turn it into valuable gold coins.

Gold is a store of wealth, which will continue to be valuable in the future. Paper money is great for increasing a nation's wealth quickly. Unfortunately, as the politicians print more money, the law of supply and demand teaches that the paper money loses value. There is more information on the history of money found when you visit our website at "".

"Why Gold Forex Trading?

At the present time, the online Forex market is extremely volatile due to changes in the global economic system. The American dollar has been the world's reserve currency. It is a fiat currency, which means that its value is set by the whims of politicians. No fiat currency has ever lasted longer than 70 years.

Since the United States debt was downgraded, investors have been searching for new safe havens, like gold. Fx Trading enables speculators to make money investing in the gold bull market. If the dollar is replaced as the world's reserve currency, gold is a likely alternative.

"Why is Gold Heading Past $2,000?"

The world's economic system has passed through the Gold Standard, Gold Exchange and Bretton Woods. Now, it is poised to move beyond the Fiat Dollar. The world wants a more stable monetary system.

Experienced Forex trading professionals recognize the opportunities to make money in the present volatile market. Online Forex enables speculators to make money while currencies are being revalued. The environment is perfect for a continued increase in the price of gold. You can learn more at "".

"But the price of gold dropped after it reached its high. So how can you be certain it will go to $2,000?"

When the price of gold rises, people will sell their gold to realize their profits. This leads to a short term price decrease. In the long run, it is better for gold to gradually increase. A "parabolic" increase always ends badly. Gold has been increasing gradually in value since the late 1990s.

"Economic Fundamentals Favor Gold!"

The United States experienced high inflation in the 1980s, which led to gold increasing to $850 per ounce. Most experts note that a gallon of gas was $1.25 in 1980. Thus, the expected inflation-adjusted target for gold is much higher than even $2,000 per ounce. FX trading reveals the underlying value of currencies and precious metals.

Furthermore, gold is a safe haven investment in deflation, inflation and stagflation environments. While the media argues about the economic environment, wise investors invest in fail-safe gold. Forex currency exchange helps investors add gold to their portfolios.

Gold is a durable safe haven, which outlasts the political manipulations of the day. People buy gold during times of economic uncertainty. Forex currency exchange enables people to make money from this phenomenon.

"The Sky is the Limit"
Don't be left behind when the gold train runs over $2,000.

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