Remove Complaints Board Postings with’s New Removal Process

Are you a victim of a false posting? Complaints Board postings can destroy a reputation in a heartbeat.

Online PR News – 15-September-2011 – – Are you a victim of a false posting? Complaints Board postings can destroy a reputation in a heartbeat. The consumer advocacy website hosts thousands of pages and is well optimized to rank high in the search engines. Chances are if you or your company is listed on complaints board it will show up on the first page of Google for your business name or personal name. Once a complaints board posting is put online there is no real recourse you can take legally or through the courts to get the post removed. These consumer advocacy websites stand behind the CDA Act Section 230 and the First Amendment and have been challenged numerous times in court. The courts continue to side with the consumer advocacy websites.

"We have developed a process to eliminate complaints board postings from the Internet, it is very exciting." Said an spokesperson. has announced a new process for complaints board removal. There are a number of companies claiming they can remove complaints board, but is the only company out there offering a guarantee that they get your complaints board postings removed. is the global leader in reputation management and focuses on deleting false slander from the Internet.

Every day companies and individuals are slandered online anonymously. Government laws haven’t caught up with the Internet yet and allow for little to no protection against libel and slander online. is an Internet privacy firm focused on helping businesses and individuals protect and reclaim their Internet reputations. Websites like complaints board allow people to anonymously slander anyone they like. With a few keystrokes an anonymous Internet attacker can ruin your reputation. Don’t let them get away with it. can remove false slander and set up protection to prevent future attacks.

Complaints is a leading consumer advocacy website that has been around for close to 10 years. offers a quick solution for deleting false and slanderous complaints board postings.