Camry Effect Unites Toyota Owners

Toyota Motor Co. has created an online portal where Camry owners can share about their life experiences. Local Sarasota dealership Germain Toyota can help to begin a new Camry story with a wide range of models available.

Online PR News – 15-September-2011 – – For years Toyota’s Camry has been an efficient and reliable means of transportation for many individuals. There are nearly seven million Camry drivers that live the United States and Toyota hopes to unite these Camry-philes online through an initiative known as the ‘Camry Effect’.

Through this portal, Toyota hopes to transcend car ownership and reach a more human connection with their customers. Users of the ‘Camry Effect’ are encouraged to share stories, memories, and knowledge about how their lives were affected by one of the best selling cars in America. Toyota calls for owners to recall family trips, first dates, first drives, and other life milestones that were reached while owning a Camry.

“There are millions of Camry owners out there, but each has a unique and important story to tell. The Camry Effect connects these owners and helps them learn a little more about their individual stories – from favorite part of a road trip to Camry models passed down through generations,” remarked Kim Gardiner, Toyota’s National Digital Marketing & Social Media Manager. “The site personalizes the experience of driving a Camry in a fun, engaging way.”

This project comes just weeks after the unveiling of the 2012 Toyota Camry model and hopes to build interest in the car by showing owner devotion. To many drivers, the Camry has evolved from a mode of transportation to a mechanical, reliable friend who is always there for life’s big moments. Interested parties should check for a chance to dive into the lives of others who have owned or own Camrys. Surprise guests will pop in to share their own experiences which will enrich the storied history of one of America’s truly iconic vehicles.

While the Camry is one of most desirable vehicles on the road today, Germain Toyota will work with customers to help them find a reliable Camry that suits their needs. The ‘Camry Effect’ isn’t some sort of marketing magic. It is real people sharing about how much they love their cars. More than seven million already drive the Camry today and there is still room for more.