Sport Games Arena User System Launched
09/15/2011 have just released they user system - let's have a look and see how it will make your gaming experience better.

Online PR News – 15-September-2011 – – With 60 sport game categories, has quickly risen out of the thousands of sport sites out there. From boxing games and driving games to horseback riding and skating games you will be able to play all sorts of sports online, for free. And now the website has also launched a user system - let's see what it brings to the table:

Earning User Points - after you register (or log in with your Facebook profile) you can earn user points by performing specific actions on the website. Refering friends to join the site will bring you points, so will pressing the Facebook Like button. Even logging in several times will bring you some points. The number of points you get depends on the action you take - the more users you refer to the site, for example, the more points you'll get. Playing a particular number of games will also earn you points - if you like bowling games for example, make sure to play a dozen or so and you will also earn user points.

Leveling and Progress Bar - just like in RPG games, there is a progress bar that indicates your progress on the site. There are 20 levels - the more points you get the faster you advance to the next level. Each level has a set of icons. You get the first of the 4 icons for each level when you level up. The next icon becomes available once you pass 25% of the progress bar for that particular level - the third icon is awarded at 50% and the 4th icon at over 75% progress. Competitive players will want to quickly advance from Level 1 (Water Boy) to the superstar levels.

Game Achievements and High Scores - the exclusive games are also set up to reward talented and ambitious players. For now there are only two exclusive games that you can play but more are about to be launched in the near future. The achievements are varied from one game to another and they can be things like 10 consecutive head-shots in Extreme Firepower or potting a certain number of direct shots in Billiards Drift. The top 20 high scores for one game are also displayed on the game's page, so you can see exactly who you are playing against for getting that number one high score.

Interacting with other users - you can add friends (or Team Mates) and message them on Sport Games Arena. You can challenge your friends to beat your scores and in general you can just make your own little community on the website and show off your user points, high scores and awarded icons.

With these additions, Sport Games Arena makes online gaming even better. The user points, achievements and high score add-ons tend to the competitive nature of the players that like to play online sports games. Exclusive games are also set to be launched for most website categories, from football games to other popular types of sports like basketball and baseball.

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