MO Group International Selected for Multilingual Game Localization Services

MO Group International is providing multilingual game localization services for MicroVolts and Brawl Busters, two MMO games published by Rock Hippo Productions. By offering quality MMO localization services for superior games, MO Group International and Rock Hippo Productions are establishing a solid business relationship.

Online PR News – 18-September-2011 – – Brussels, Belgium, – The working relationship between Rock Hippo Productions Ltd. and the localization and game testing provider, MO Group International, continues to grow with Rock Hippo choosing MO Group International for a second MMO localization project.

The first project focused on the localization of the widely popular MMO, ‘MicroVolts’, which was released in June 2011. For this third-person shooter game, MO Group International’s expert translators effectively localized ‘Microvolts’ from Korean to English, and then from English to French, German, Turkish, Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese.

In ‘MicroVolts’, Players can create customized characters, change between 7 different weapon types on the go, and do battle in over 10 unique locations. Attractive to both casual and competitive players, ‘MicroVolts’ is rapidly growing in popularity.

Set for release later this year, Rock Hippo Productions will also publish a brand new MMO action and combat game, developed by SkeinGlobe, called ‘Brawl Busters’.

Already in its closed beta stage, the release of ‘Brawl Busters’ is highly anticipated among members of the online gaming community. The game boasts 5 different character classes, special moves and combos, various interactive environments, and an array of other features.

Rock Hippo Productions has extended its collaborative efforts with MO Group International for localization of ‘Brawl Busters’. After the successful launch of Rock Hippo’s first game, ‘MicroVolts’, expectations are even higher for their latest online game. With the help of MO Group International, ‘Brawl Busters’ will be localized from English into Brazilian Portuguese, German, Spanish, and French.

“Rock Hippo’s aim is to deliver a seamless experience to gamers from all over the world. MO Group International’s localization expertise has allowed us to achieve that aim, reaching a much wider and culturally diverse audience.” (Flavio Caracas, Marketing Manager)

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