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Market research firm In-Stat projects over 2012 company spending on mobile phones will surpass landline spending. 800-Numbers.PBXCompare.com helps companies respond to this trend through integration of cellular phones using 800 phone numbers in the workplace.

Online PR News – 15-September-2011 – – Austin, TX, 15-Sep-2011 -- Being tied to a landline service does not result in the flexibility demanded by mobile users. 800-Numbers.PBXCompare.com responds to In-Stat market research, which projects that mobile telephone expenditures will surpass that of traditional landlines, through updated reviews of the latest 800 numbers service providers that now allow cell phone integration. These services are compared against impartial industry standards.

A number of small businesses fail to realize the full potential of using 800 phone numbers on mobile phones for business owners and employees early in the start-up life cycle. With the new capability of mobile telephony integration, small business owners find that auto attendant features, multiple extensions tied to specific employee cellular phones, and even Internet can be accessed while out of the office, which increases company productivity.

800-Numbers.PBXCompare.com review staff notes that the process of obtaining a vanity 800 number for an individual or business has not changed with the ability to integrate mobile phones to a network. 800 service providers continue to offer vanity options, with several doing so at no extra charge when a customer signs up for a monthly service plan.

800-Numbers.PBXCompare.com site manager, Casey Jones states, “As small business owners purchase more wireless phones, using an 800 number provided by a Virtual PBX provider is a great way to centralize all of an organization’s communication needs. No longer are toll free numbers reserved for large companies with the competitive pricing plans offered by most tier-1 service providers."

Using modern PBX services to leverage the penetration of mobile phones amongst company employees is the latest cutting edge development embraced by 800-Numbers.PBXCompare.com staff. Using the new service reviews, consumers can find the best 800 service to fit the respective business or individual needs.

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800-Numbers.PBXCompare.com compares toll free services provided by the dominant local phone provider in the local area of businesses, along with several national services. With an 800 number, companies can enjoy features such as internet faxing, multiple extensions, auto attendant, and trial offer periods, which are reviewed in detail and compared against industry standards on the website.

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