Take That’s OM was made possible by two mobile scissor lifts!

Mobile scissor lifts and other materials handling equipment that complied with manual handling legislation and LOLER was used on Take That’s recent tour.

Online PR News – 15-September-2011 – – Popular nineties boy band Take That recently reformed again and went on tour. One of the highlights of the recent tour, named Progress Live was the giant 20 metre tall, fully operational man who the band nicknamed OM. The man then became a large scale god like figure which came to life while the band performed on stage, and was the work of a company named Brilliant Stages.

OM made his debut appearance when he slid out amongst the audience in a seated position. He made his way through the central performance stage which divided in half to enable his emergence. The company was able to build and manufacture the splitting stage using two band pods, which rolled off stage on tracks. The pods were positioned on top of hydraulic scissor lifts (two mobile scissor lifts were placed under each pod) which allowed the pods to move up and down in a vertical motion.

As the performance got underway, the huge mechanical man was able to complete moves such as sweeping his arms, nodding his head and lifting each of the band members in the palm of his hands before moving out in a seated position into the centre of the arena. While making his exit he held the Take That band members on the top of each of his hands and on platforms which were inside the trunk of his body. After this OM stood up, revealing his full height to the cheering fans, and spread his arms to create a striking finishing position.

OM was made from see through fibreglass panels, which had LED lighting incorporated into them which illuminated the figure’s entire body. The LED lights were particularly prominent on the palms of his hands, and he had two lighting points to resemble his eyes and another two to resemble his heart.

OM performed six positions in each show, including laying down horizontally, a sitting and standing position with his head both looking up and down, and with his arms both outstretched and creating a sweeping motion. Between them these movements required twenty axis of movement throughout the machines ‘limbs’.

OM was operated by two members of staff who were placed either side of the trackway. These operators were in charge of controlling the traction of the largest figure vehicle, as well as the two components that extended forward which moved OM’s feet- this allowed him to straighten his legs. One other operated was also seated within OM’s stomach, who ensured that everything went to plan and all of OM’s various components were working safely and efficiently.

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