A new business model designed to support SMEs across industry verticals

Industree's marketing solution, which has 6 individual components, let clients create their own personalized marketing solution by an optimal combination as per their needs and budgets.

Online PR News – 15-September-2011 – – Life is hard for a start-up, a growing company, or a SME player looking to expand its footprint. The challenges of the marketplace, global competition, production and delivery headaches and the intricacies of finance and cash flow management are enough to keep managers and entrepreneurs occupied, and more often than not, brand building and marketing have to take a backseat to more pressing issues. It doesn't help that marketing is a cost center which does not immediately deliver returns on investment.

Entrepreneurs know the value of building a brand and nurturing a market for their offerings, however it is often not feasible to devote sufficient management bandwidth, company resources and efforts to develop an expensive marketing department in-house. They recognize the need to invest in brand building and marketing, and wish it were something that could be made methodical and simple to execute. The internet and globalization have changed the playing field, and has opened up new markets but also brought new competitors. Having a strongly differentiated brand identity and focused marketing approach can help growing companies leverage this environment and stand out amidst the clutter.

Industree a marketing consulting company has designed a solution for businesses wanting to create a strong brand and a world-class marketing framework. As a specialised marketing solutions provider, Industree offers a unique 6 step marketing solution to growing companies, either as a fully outsourced marketing solution or as a complement to their marketing department. Industree lets all companies, big or small, plan and execute a long term, coherent, differentiated and focused marketing strategy of the highest quality and compete as equals in the global marketplace.

Industree, itself a start-up and growing company has evolved over the years to fulfill this perceived need in the business ecosystem. Industree understands the importance of building a brand, having a clear marketing strategy and a sustained marketing effort. Early clients were start-ups, run by technocrats or businessmen who needed an outside marketing perspective to help them clearly define and communicate their product to their intended audience. These early clients were also busy managing their companies and needed a one-stop solution partner who would understand their vision and develop and execute a brand building and marketing strategy on a continual basis. Industree evolved into an outsourced marketing solution partner that would help its clients market themselves effectively and consistently.

Industree has developed expertise in branding, marketing, online media, content and design which form the pillars of its service offerings. Allied with a strong vendor, consultant and supplier base, this enables the delivery of a new logo, a promotional video, or a brochure for a new product to clients in real time, ensuring that marketing strategies do not remain confined to theory. Industree's 360 degree marketing solution assures its clients of a continuous market presence that is maintained and grown everyday.

Industree's 6 step marketing solution, which has 6 individual components, letting clients create their own personalized marketing solution by an optimal combination as per their needs and budgets. These packages are extremely business friendly and designed to suit the marketing and brand building needs of startups, small and mid-sized companies. Industree has the experience of working with various industry verticals from IT, Telecom, Insurance, Education, Environment groups, etc. and executing different marketing campaigns from new product introductions, social media campaigns, tradeshows, launch of a new company, etc. Industree is focused on constantly innovating and staying ahead in the rapidly changing world of Marketing & Brand Building to ensure that its clients can compete with the best.

Make sure to go through the website http://www.industree.in for more information about the company and its experimental ideas.