"Why The Wry?" (demo) - 9/11 In Remembrance

Virginia’s Brad Hog Of The Band, Hogz In Dandyland, Has Released A Song In Remembrance Of 9/11

Online PR News – 16-September-2011 – – Virginia‚Äôs Brad Hog of the band, Hogz in Dandyland, has released a song in remembrance of 9/11. The song is actually a demo track recording that was discovered in a pile of dusty cassette tapes which dates back 10 years ago to that heartbreaking day in September 2001. In the days which followed the terrorist attacks on the United States, Hog found himself questioning as others, ‚ÄúWhy?‚ÄĚ Setting pen to paper, Hog questioned further, ‚ÄúWhy the Wry?‚ÄĚ A song followed as Hog captured the lo-fi acoustic/vocal recording on a cheap cassette recorder, capturing the vulnerability of the message, all the while remembering the fallen victims. Hog decided in the days preceding the 10th Anniversary to reveal the original recording in its purest form instead of reworking the song into a polished studio version. Also noted, the album artwork encompasses a painting by Erin J. Massie, an art student at the time in 2001. Brad and Erin married in 2003. Download the song for FREE, yet Hog encourages a $1.00 donation per download to the American Red Cross.

I find it churning to remit,
To impose the ensuing shiver,
For the solemn savior to mend

Why the wry, as in vain?

Through this mass of a revelation…tragic
To engulf our magic in debris from the most filthy...terror
And once again the whiskey burns

Why the wry, the bitterness sin?

Burning...the twins to fall
Not at all for the sound body to call
And who could tamper with such beauty?

Why the wry, the plummeting pain?

And at the face of the polygonal,
The same to unseat,
The bombardment of an ever flowing feat
Where the strong to end a wrong,
Witnessed its tumultuous grin

Why the wry, the equivocal men?

And to the heroes of another,
‚ÄėNoblesse oblige‚Äô in the eyes of many
And we commend!

Why the wry, the unsettling stain?

Though our wings may damper,
We shall not hamper
And as we comfort the mending,
We shall stand!

©2001 Brad Hog