SUBTLETY : AUDACITY – A Mixed-media Art Exhibition Featuring 5 Local Artists And DJ Pandemonium

SUBTLETY : AUDACITY Presents A “one Night Only” Mixed-media Art Installation Featuring Five Local Artists, One DJ And A Magician.

Online PR News – 16-September-2011 – – SUBTLETY : AUDACITY presents a “one night only” mixed-media art installation featuring five local artists, one DJ and a magician. Works by David Bianchi, Chris Brown, John Dewey, Aerick Eisenstein, and Ed Schofield will be on display throughout the new JET Studios complex (5126-30 Lankershim Boulevard, North Hollywood, CA 91601) in Los Angeles’ NOHO Arts district. The cross-platform art exhibit will be held on Saturday, September 17 from 7:00 PM – 12:00 AM. The event is free and open to the public!

SUBTLETY : AUDACITY challenges the boundaries of what is to be expected with a traditional "art exhibition" and is intending to create a new space for cultural development. The individuals involved all come from very different educations, backgrounds, and disciplines, but are uniting to bring the community a night to remember.

SUBTLETY : AUDACITY, primarily a painting show, the work on view attempts to bridge and blend gaps between direct and mediated experience. SUBTLETY : AUDACITY will infuse live installations, short films, spoken word, live music, magic, atmospheric electronica, dance and eclectic food and beverage to highlight the curation. While disparate in nature, the event will unite these elements in a fluid and exciting manner. Guests’ assumptions of "how to view an artwork" will be challenged with unexpected and pleasant surprises.

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7-8 PM – Red Carpet Arrivals
7-9 PM – Open Art Exhibit with Atmospheric Sounds
8-11 PM – Silent Art and Hollywood Memorabilia Auction
8-10 PM – Award Winning Short Film Screening Program
9-10 PM – Live Musician
9:30 PM – 10:30 PM – Celebrity/Fine Art Photographer Darrin Van Gorder Live Audience Interactive Photo Shoot Exhibit
10-12 AM – Refreshments/Spirits (Open Bar)
10-12 AM – DJ Pandemonium
10-11 PM – HBO Def Poetry Jam Spoken Word Artists
11-12 AM – New Media Visual Presentation
• Vaudeville, Improv and Human Art Installations
• Slight of Hand Illusionists
• Special Guest DJ and Performances

Event Sponsors: Spumante Restaurant, Pitfire Pizza, Jarritos Soft Drinks, Cocaine Energy Drinks, Bulleit Bourbon, Guardian and Exertion Films.

RSVP: 805-990-1224 or,


David Bianchi
This Brazilian/Italian artist started acting in 3rd grade and began painting and framing work at the age of 6. He was awarded the National League for Innovation Award during his freshman year for his abstract chalk and ebony pencil work. He holds a BFA in Theatre and Film from Arizona State University, where he graduated Magna Cum Laude. He has competed Nationally as a slam poet and exhibited his art in multiple gallery shows in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, as well at the Seyhoun Gallery and the Brazilian Consulate Gallery in Beverly Hills. In his quest for long-term success as an artist his hidden talents as an actor warrant Oscar applause. With roles in major films like Elizabethtown, 513, Priest, and great indies like Politics of Love and Filly Brown he has worked along side Orlando Bloom, Tom Sizemore, Danny Trejo, Edward James Olmos, Eric Roberts, Lou Diamond Philipps, Bokeem Woodbine and Karl Urban forcing Hollywood to take him of their waiting list. He is the founder of Exertion films, where art and commercialism find a balance. He has produced two award winning feature films and multiple award winning shorts.

Chris Brown
Chris Brown is new to the art world but has been an art enthusiast his entire life. Chris has a background in film (“K-Pax,” “Never Been Kiss,” “Big Mamma’s House”) and theatre at the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute and was recently inspired by artist Aerick Eisenstein. He is fortunate enough to be involved in this show of amazing artists and is excited to show his work as he finds his own style. During the day Chris is CEO to Garden Cargo Logistics a multi-million dollar shipping company.

John Dewey
Born in Denver Colorado, John Dewey moved to Claremont California in 2000. After Graduating High School John studied briefly at University of the Pacific but dropped out to pursue art, particularly painting. In 2008, John was admitted to Art Center College of Design. During his time at Art Center John was a co-founder of Mentone Group. John now lives and works in Pasadena California as a painter and multi-media artist.

Aerick Eisenstein
Aerick Eisenstein studied most recently at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena California. Although Aerick has traveled much, the culture of Los Angeles is a primary influence in his work. Working near JPL, CalTech, and Hollywood, has brought about an interesting blend of images in Aerick’s art. A great deal of his learning stretches back much farther to the time spent with his friend and mentor Steve Eberhardt. During his early years he would travel the country airbrushing murals which is where he learned the importance of developing a freehand technique. Over the course of the years his work has evolved with influences in oil painting. He captures simplicity within images, ideas, and iconography of pop culture into a universal story. The work is of course partially autobiographical, and opens up a deep dialogue with the history of painting; however there are still strong undercurrents of filmic references. It is an intention to play with how the paintings are received, and that they can hold their own both as painting objects and powerful images that weave an intricate and evolving story with impressions of a montage of film stills.

His work has been in numerous exhibitions across the state, and has been purchased nationally by a diverse range of collectors. For a young artist there is a great deal of promise in his up and coming career and the community of artists he is sharing conversations with.

Ed Schofield
Ed Schofield is a product of disparate worlds funneled through a mentally unstable pair of eyeglasses. Beginning his artistic life under the watchful eye of christian conservatives, he eventually broke out of his cage to study at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California to begin a campaign of chicanery spiked with dry humor. More recently, his work has evolved with an eye towards materiality and more socially minded issues. Having worked as a professional designer for numerous years, his fine art has a polish expected in the design field with a degree of cynicism that would get him fired in just about any other circumstance.

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