A Striving Compact Disc Launching From The Belgian Pianist Okonsar

The world-wide distribution of the solo piano improvisations "Shadowy Arcade" in Compact disc by the Belgian pianist Mehmet Okonsar.

Online PR News – 16-September-2011 – – "Shadowy Arcade" is the particular heading of Mehmet Okonsar's launched solo piano improvisations CD.

The disc is recorded in the artist's private recording studio as well as released through his own label. Not unlike John Zorn, this independent and incredibly dynamic musician and performer is certainly unafraid to launch a certain music that is mesmerizing for many, may be overwhelming with others, although can never be seen as "not-new", "standard" or "conventional".

The amazingly extended and also confusing headings of the pieces were added way after they are generally captured. Here are some examples: "He has snatched away the thunderbolt from heaven and the scepter from the sovereign", "Briefly thyself remember (Lear)", "Every hero becomes a bore at last (Emerson)","The gods too are fond of a joke (Aristotle)" etc.

The music style is actually a completely unique combination of, with no order, Alban Berg, Lyle Mays, Keith Jarrett, Alexander Scriabin, Erik Satie and many more.

"You may easily locate strains associated with music I've run into since I'm making music!" states Mehmet Okonsar, "Which is normal to me. Each and every music I really like leaves behind strains in me and I effortlessly disregard any others I can't stand."

A lot of those pieces are available as video-clips on the artists Youtube(r) channel: mokonsar.

All pieces can even be auditioned at Okonsar's homepage: http://www.okonsar.com.

Mehmet Okonsar, a Belgian pianist, composer, conductor as well as musicologist was born in Istanbul, Turkey. He studied piano, composition as well as orchestration within the Brussels Royal Conservatory and musicology with the Istanbul Technical University. His principal professors were J. Cl. Vanden Eynden and Alexis Weissenberg for the piano and Madame Jacqueline Fontyn for composition. He is laureate of a lot of international piano competitions such as the Gina Bachauer.

His out-of-the-ordinary programs brought the premiere in Turkey of the Concerto for piano by Schoenberg and he also is a great admirer as well as performer of Lutoslawski.

Doing research and experimental work a lot on technical matters, as he remarks "the technologies could possibly totally free the artist", his studies had been displayed in a lecture at the Yamaha head office in Hamamatsu, Japan. Okonsar wrote and displayed a documentary series on the National Television Broadcast of Turkey, the T.R.T.

For additional information or a sample copy please contact:
Mehmet Okonsar, mehmet@okonsar.com