Doctor Vista - Online Healthcare Launching Soon

Doctor Vista is launching an online healthcare facility next week.Finally the wait is coming to an end and things have started taking shape.

Online PR News – 14-September-2011 – – Finally the wait is coming to an end and things have started taking shape. We at Doctor Vista are launching our ONLINE HEALTH CARE FACILITY next week.

Here is what doctor vista is all about:

Services to provide: If you are seeking assistance from online doctors then you are at the right place. We provide services like ask a health question along with voice-video-text chat with doctors.

Target Audience: Any human being with access to internet via. Broadband, GPRS, 3G or fixed line internet can access a doctor online from any part of the world. Now accessing a doctor and seeking a specialist advice for your health related queries have become really simple. Imagine accessing a doctor with just a click at your doorstep, workplace or anywhere on the globe at your convenience.

How we work: Workflow at Doctor Vista is very smooth and transparent. You must be
wondering how we work for your benefits. Well, here is a brief description of our work flow model.

You ask us your health related queries and your query is securely saved with us. If you don’t have the idea as in which specialist to consult, our team of experts does that job for you by transmitting your query to the required specialist and provide you with the assistance you are seeking. Our doctors are selected on the basis of areas of expertise and years of experience. You can also view doctor’s profile and select the doctor for yourself. You can share your reports and consult a doctor online through voice-video-text chat with the assurance of security of your reports and prescription which you would be sharing with the doctor.

Market strategy: We build a bridge of network between the doctor and patient in order to get in touch personally. This ensures the privacy of the patient with their doctors. The mode of payments are highly secured as you would be buying credits for your accounts which you can always keep a check on as in how much were you charged for your last query and the remaining credits available to your account.

Future of Doctor Vista: Currently we are covering the entire market in India. The Vision is to cover entire globe within the next 2 years with the help of our valuable customers support and building up a chain of great doctors from all across the world.

Things are finally coming to sanity at our end so stay tuned for more updates from Doctor Vista.

Doctor Vista is an online platform where patients seek a professional doctor's opinion over a secure channel.

We focus on first hand opinion, opinion-verification and anonymous consultancy. The cases where patients have identified some symptoms which they would like to discuss with a professional doctor fall into the category of first hand opinion; under opinion-verification patients may discuss and satisfy their doubts about any help they may have sought elsewhere and are not quite satisfied with. We also provide anonymous consultancy, guaranteeing full privacy over a secure channel, for the patients who wish to remain anonymous while discussing their problems.

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