RealtyMX Enters the Mobile App World With Mobile Marketplace

RealtyMX Enters the Mobile App World With Mobile Marketplace

Online PR News – 14-September-2011 – – Mobile Marketplace solidifies itself as the go-to app for real estate in NYC through a strategic partnership with RealtyMX, the complete marketing management system for real estate brokers and agents looking to successfully grow their online marketing efforts. The partnership provides a tool for RealtyMX and its clients to saturate the rapidly growing mobile commerce market. “RealtyMX identified mCommerce as a growing force in the real estate industry and we can provide the platform they need to leverage that space. It is growing at an exponential rate.” said Duy Huynh, CEO and Co-founder of

“This is a landmark occasion for us and RealtyMX,” said Duy Huynh. “Consumers are using their mobile phones more often to shop. Now they will be able to use our location based app to find a new home wherever they are. How great and simple is that.”

“Mobile commerce showed 86 percent year-over-year growth, the biggest jump out of the seven monetization tactics that survey respondents were asked about...” according to a study by Mobile Commerce Daily.

“Mobile commerce is easily outpacing other retail channels as the fastest-growing and with only one way to go: up.” said David Sikora, Founder and CEO of Digby.

RealtyMX will supply with a daily data feed that will include thousands of hot, new and must-see apartment and housing listings around the New York City area. Listings will come from major real estate agencies in NYC such as Bond New York and Caliber NYC. However, each broker is able to create a unique short URL that will host all of their personal listings. For example, Kianna Choi from Bond New York is able to direct customers to all her listings right from their iPhone, Android, or the they can view on the web via Kianna’s short ULR Not only that, they also see how far they are from each of Kianna’s apartment.

“Our goal is to bring about 100 real estate agencies on board with This means our mobile app users in many cases will be able to pinpoint available apartments on the very street their standing on.” said Duy. “On the other than, is constantly promoting broker’s mobile websites/short URLs through the use of Twitter and Facebook.”

The app’s geo-tagging function offers a unique way of finding a new apartment. The function allows brokers to move the pin-point away from the exact address to a cross street allowing apartment hunters to search based on their location without losing their brokers fee through back door deals with landlords. also allows users to search by type, rent or buy, by price, and by size, number of bedrooms and bathrooms.

“Let’s say I’m in East Village having lunch and I want to look for an apartment there,” said Duy. “I can open up, click on housing and find all the apartments listed from 0.1 mile to 2 miles from where I’m having lunch,”

The idea for comes from the need to have a fast, simple, and instant way for local businesses to reach out to their local customers, which has not been fully addressed in the market. Right now when local businesses want to sell goods or services, they have to go through either the local newspaper (which is costly and slow) or an e-commerce site like eBay or Craigslist (which is a hassle because you need your computer to post).

“Basically, within 15 seconds, you will be able to list the item you want to sell, which solves a pain point in the selling and sharing of services and goods to people just down the street,” said Rip Empson, Editor at TechCrunch. Mobile Marketplace is located in Midtown Manhattan with more than 20 employees and continues to grow fast. It was founded by a group of friends, including Duy Huynh, Ha Tran, Tien Nguyen, and Bao Huynh. launched its beta version at TechCrunch Disrupt late May 2011, and officially launched early July 2011. The total value of posted listings has already exceeded 50 million dollars since its launch.