Microsoft RMS E-Commerce Integrated Solution

LAN services, a California based e-commerce solution provider, has developed Microsoft RMS integration which is a combination of 24seven Cart - a powerful and robust global shopping cart – and RMSlink. The solution, when integrated with RMS, allows a retail store to fully synchronize their store inventory with the shopping cart. This integration eliminates the double data entry problems and allows them to go online at a much faster speed.

Online PR News – 16-September-2011 – – LAN Services Offers 24Seven Cart - a Microsoft RMS E-Commerce Integrated Solution

Still stuck with brick & mortar store and looking for solutions to upgrade your business to online web store? Requirement of specific retail management software is increasing and you are not able to zero out on any one?

24Seven Cart -an integrated customizable e-commerce online retail software solution offered by LAN services- provides centralized controls for Point of sale and major benefits of retail management and shopping cart.

Microsoft dynamic retail management software is synchronized using RMS link to combine with 24Seven Cart to enable upload of inventory, stock, product details to 24Seven Cart and download of orders and customer details from web store to the Microsoft RMS database.

24Seven Cart web application is built on strong platform which enables it to manage Inventory, account, sales orders, stocks and customer details easily. It can be used by any person who is willing to establish a web store or an ecommerce website.

Recent increase in the trend of buying products from online suppliers and ecommerce websites by consumers have made the companies to realize the potential of online shopping and use of proper retail management software to tackle specific needs which range from sales order to inventory management and many more.

“17 months of continuous R&D and numerous testimonials from our satisfied online merchants, who volunteered to help us in feature-enrichment, have bolstered the shopping cart software further” commented a spokesman from LAN services. Furthermore he added that “it’s an incredible step forward for on-demand customization options that would allow global online retailers with greater flexibilities and unprecedented business-growth opportunities”.

Small and medium enterprises which are offering multiple products online can use RMS shopping cart to boost there revenues to march forward in the league of big retail companies.

The cost effective RMS integrated solution takes care of all the specific needs and requirement of any industry which is looking to have online web store.

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