RWC to alert writers of new orders via Twitter: They are READY!

RWC uses Twitter to let writers know of incoming orders - Energized by summer R-and-R, RWC writers are ready to bid and deliver great work!

Online PR News – 14-September-2011 – – SHEFFIELD, ENGLAND, SEPTEMBER 05, 2011 – The ResearchWritingCenter, writers have been preparing for the upcoming high season. Either from a summer vacation, or from the salubrious effects of a good rest, they are energized to handle the onslaught. New this year is RWC’s plan to tweet about available orders. This will allow writers to track new jobs even from offsite.
Many of our writers have had a refreshing summer vacation, perhaps with family, or away from family, somewhere relaxing and uplifting. Others have used the off-season to hone their kit of skills – to learn some new vocabulary or read some unfamiliar books. Still others have just gotten a deeply needed rest. All, however, have had some sort of respite from the usual.
As a result, they are all enthusiastic about the coming academic year. Most simply can’t wait for the Available Orders screen to fill up. They want to get started!
As usual, there will be orders in every possible category of written document. Intriguingly, business topics seem to appear first – perhaps a strategy to secure top-flight help right at the start. However, there are presentations and analyses on all imaginable topics in which writers can help our clients.
Our writers will have a new tool in matching their skills, talents, experience, and interests with the orders that come in. For the first time on this scale, will use Twitter to get the word out about available orders. They can see what is on the Available Orders screen, even when not signed in on the RWC website.
In fact, for some of our writers, their mobile hand-held devices may allow them to follow these tweets from anywhere they are. The Twitter messages will reach them all over the globe, and all around town. They can evaluate these orders right on the spot.
This will permit our writers to bid with more information in hand, and more promptly. This, in turn, will allow us to match orders with the best-qualified writers and editors. This will benefit our customers both in the timeliness of order completion, and in the quality of their final product.

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