New Logo Design Debut by Salsa Secret Society from LogoBee

Salsa Secret Society unveils new logo design

Online PR News – 16-September-2011 – – The team behind Montreal’s popular SalsaGlam New Year’s event has formed a new salsa event promoting team dubbed the Salsa Secret Society. The Secret Society will host four salsa events each year in Montreal. This new endeavor by the creative minds behind the SalsaGlam event should come as no surprise – each SalsaGlam event has grown in popularity each year, since the first event was held in 2007, in the heart of downtown Montreal.

As with the original SalsaGlam event, the heart of the Salsa Secret Society is a passion for salsa dancing and Latin music. The twist with the “Secret” society is that while the events will be promoted weeks in advance, the location of the event will only be announced a few days before the actual event takes place. All salsa dancers are welcome to attend, but the goal of the Salsa Secret Society, as Guesley Chery, founder, explains, “is to make our attendees feel like they belong to a special community sharing a common passion for salsa music and dancing.”

In a city as large as Montreal, salsa events are not uncommon. When developing the idea, Chery took that into consideration. Guesley asserts that “our team is the only one with a theme (the secret society). We are the only team dedicated to salsa events promotion,” he finishes. The other way to set the Salsa Secret Society apart was careful branding.

Chery chose LogoBee Logo Design to create the custom logo design for the team. “He didn’t have a specific idea in mind, but he knew what he wanted the logo to communicate,” says Jen Royce, the LogoBee project coordinator who worked with Salsa Secret Society on their logo. “He said the logo needed to portray movement, rhythm, secretiveness, and musicality,” she continues, “the feel of the logo was really important.”

The logo design features two salsa dancers, illustrated in an artistic and stylized fashion, framed by a skeleton key hole, as though the viewer is catching a glimpse at a secret salsa dance. The colors convey mystery and passion, and the dancers’ stance suggests that they are salsa dancing, not just a standard fox trot.

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