Connects Homeowners with Roof Replacement Contractors Online
09/13/2011 now connects homeowners all over the country with instant estimates for all roof replacement needs.

Online PR News – 13-September-2011 – – Finding a quality roofer that consumers can trust is a daunting task, and sometimes expensive as well. For the part of the home that is providing the most shelter from the elements, it is essential to hire only quality contractors to do the job right. But at the same time, a replacement roof should not cost an arm and a leg. Asking neighbors, scrolling down the phone book, and driving around town collecting costly estimates for roof replacement is almost enough to give up hope of ever getting that old roofing replaced. But now, homeowners across the country have a new and viable solution in, an online site that provides local estimates for a variety of roof replacement needs. ( target="_blank" class="highlight_link">>)

On the site, homeowners can select from an online form a variety of factors that go into estimating the cost of roof replacement. What kind of roofing materials they are looking for, the size of the roof replacement project, whether an old roof needs to be removed as part of the project and even how much they would like to spend can all be taken into consideration when calculating the estimate. This way, ensures an accurate reading of the total estimate and it eliminates hidden surprise costs that other estimates might not consider.

Homeowners can also fill in their zip code or choose from 34 different states to find listings of roof replacement contractors right in their own area. Helpful links categorized by city and region also lead to insightful information about roofing issues in each home area, such as weather factors and how often the average homeowners in that area will need to replace their roof. The site will give up to three detailed estimates for the roof replacement job in question, so that homeowners can compare from home which contractor will best suit their needs and budget for the project. There is also an option to call the 1-800 number instead of using the site to receive estimates over the phone. And perhaps most budget-friendly of all, each of these estimates on is completely free.

The site promises integrity and security as well, in that each roof replacement contractor listed has been fully checked for insurance, license, even past local experience and background in the industry. has already done all the research into the credentials of each featured contractor, ensuring that the estimates given are reliable and the roofers suggested are the best in the area. It is no wonder that homeowners everywhere are now trusting this site for their roof replacement estimate needs.

For more information or to get free roof replacement estimates visit the website and select your region.

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