Impress Computers offers FREE PC and Laptop Cleaning

Impress Computers will be offering a FREE PC clean when you bring you computer or laptop in for repair or general service

Online PR News – 13-September-2011 – – Impress Computers is now offering a FREE PC or Laptop clean when you come in for repairs or a general checkup.

According to Roland Parker, CEO of Impress Computers, they have seen a high failure rate of components due to customers not having their equipment cleaned regularly. Dust and debris build around the fans and cooling fins of the heatsink causing the computer or laptop to overheat.

Over a period of time this can cause extensive damage, so much so that sometimes the computer is not economically repairable.

Roland is hoping that with this free incentive customers, will have their computers and laptops cleaned professionally and be able to extend the lifespan of their machines.

A good rule of thumb is to have your computer cleaned whenever you change the air filters at your home or office. Generally the dust buildup that you see on your filter has already been through your computer and the same amount of dust is sitting on your fans and heatsink.

Laptops are even more prone to overheating than desktops and it is essential to have them opened professionally and cleaned.

If you are a do it your self person we also have a video on our website that demonstrates how to clean a computer properly. We also sell the cleaning wipes and cans of air.

If you have any queries you may contact Impress Computers at 281.647.9977

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