P90X2 Preorder Has Started – Get The Facts Before You Buy

P90X2 officially launched it's preorder sales on September 1st. Get all the facts BEFORE you buy P90X 2.

Online PR News – 13-September-2011 – – As of Thursday September 1st the P90X2 preorder lines were officially open for business. This means that although ship date is not scheduled until early December you can go ahead and get in line to be one of the first to get your hands on the P90X sequel. Now that a few days have passed and the dust is starting to settle, there’s been a lot more info about P90X2. This article is to help you get the facts about the new program before you buy.

What Makes P90X2 Different From P90X?

To begin with, it's a completely new, built from the ground up program. It’s not the old P90X exercises that have been spun with revamped packaging and now is being presented as something “new.” Tony Horton literally went back to the drawing board and treated this program as if it had no predecessor. This doesn’t mean that it doesn’t use the same “muscle confusion” principles that P90X used, it does, but that’s about it.

The workout regimen has dropped from a 6 days a week to 5 days a week and new pieces of equipment have been incorporated that have never been used before. For instance a Foam Roller for your stretching exercises and warm-ups, a stability ball to engage core muscles and the use of up to 4 medicine balls for chest pushup exercises. Cardio which was prevalent in P90X as separate workouts like Kenpo X, Cardio X, and Plyo X has been eliminated. The cardio in X2 has been woven throughout all the DVD’s so you tend to get cardio regularly each time you exercise verses just a few days here and there. These are just a few of the major differences between P90X and P90X 2.

P90X2 Kit Cost Differences

When a new workout program is launched it usually is released as a “base kit” until some time passes to see if other versions are needed. This is not the case with P90X2. Likely due to it being a follow up to the best selling home workout program ever, Beachbody deiced to launch the program in three different versions. The “Base Kit” at $119.85, the “Deluxe Kit” at $239.85 and the “Ultimate Kit” at $299.85 are the three versions available right now. In addition, for a few bucks more each kit is available in Blu Ray.

The large majority of people who may already have enough equipment and need to save a little money will gravitate towards the Base Kit. A major factor for some not choosing the base kit is because it will not come with the 2 bonus workouts called V-Sculpt & CST (chest, shoulder & tri) that come in the deluxe and ultimate kits. However, come late September the Advanced Bonus workouts V-Sculpt and CST will be sold together for $59.90. Therefore if you really don’t need the extra gear, the base kit delivers the biggest bang for your buck.

P90X2 Equipment

What’s truly unique about X2 is that all of the exercises can be done without the use of equipment. In all of the DVD’s one of the extra cast members is shown doing the exercises without the use of any equipment. This was done to show the versatility of P90X2, that it can be an “on the go” persons program as well.

This is not to say that the same results will be achieved if done without equipment. In fact the more P90X2 specific gear the better. Some of the equipment that’s recommended for X2 can only be purchased by ordering the deluxe or ultimate kits. For instance the “High Grade Foam Roller” is not currently sold separately and last time I checked not sold at and sporting goods store.

What is sold separately that’s absolutely necessary are resistance bands, a chinup bar (which shows up in about 50% of the program), and a stability/balance ball. Another item that’s not exactly crucial but is very cool and helpful is for all the people that struggle doing pull-ups. You may remember from P90X, Tony instructing you to use a chair when doing pull-ups to take some of the weight off. Now there’s no need for a chair. The “Chinup bar helper” has arrived. It basically straps to your waist and then the chin-up bar and adjusts how much tension you need or don’t need based on your fitness level.

Who Is P90X2 Ideally For?

Tony described P90X2 as “indoor training for the outside world.” What’s meant by that statement is that the X2 program is all about making outdoor activities or “real life” activities that everyone does easier. You’ll jump higher; you’ll stretch further and be able to grab that pot off the top shelf; you’ll be far less likely to get injured, ultimately X2 is about helping you feel younger. It’s about getting you back to how you felt as a youth and making the activities you were able to do as a youth doable again.

Obviously not a beginner class, X2 is ideally suited for those who already have some level of fitness, sports, or athletic skill. Graduates of programs such as P90X, Insanity, Turbo Fire, Chalean Extreme and Power 90 would be a natural fit for P90X2. It’s also a natural stepping stone for those that need to complement their already regular physical activities such as hiking, swimming, biking, or team sport.


P90X2 is definitely a much needed follow up program that any P90X grad would need. What’s nice about it though is that you don’t have to be a grad to easily incorporate it into you current workout routine, just read the P90X2 reviews out there and you’ll get the same sentiment. It was designed not just with the P90X user in mind but for anyone who may already be at that or a similar fitness caliber.

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