All American Head ‘N’ Home Hats Create a Flutter Worldwide

If you are looking for the most delightful array of specialty hats that are handmade to perfection, then all you need to do is head straight to HNH.

Online PR News – 15-September-2011 – – California, 09/13/2011 - If you are looking for the most delightful array of specialty hats that are handmade to perfection, then all you need to do is head straight to HNH. With over 35 years of inimitable experience and matchless skill, they combine high-quality leather, mesh, and soft fabric with the latest red carpet glam and impress you with creations that are truly-one-of-a-kind. You will fall head over heels in love with the way they command attention And why not? After all, the uniqueness of these conversation starters lies in the fact that they are crafted from American materials for the modern, avant grade American. Every hat from the HNH staple is created at home. It is a profound sense of economics that encourages domestic production rather than the traditional reliance on China and other parts of Asia. Needless to add, when local materials are treated to the HNH touch, they become the quintessential head turners.

These head turners are also armed with the ability to make onlookers go green with envy. HNH hats have pioneered a unique recycling program which uses electricity generated from an advanced solar electricity generating system. These hats have certainly mastered the art of basking in the glory of the sensational Central California Coast sunshine. Clean and green is certainly the way to go for the HNH brand.

Every hat that possesses the HNH label is more than the amalgam of fashion and function; it is a worthy reminder that you are guaranteed the best in everything you desire and deserve – from intricate workmanship and indestructible materials to inimitable standards of customer satisfaction. Every hat comes with a rock solid guarantee – it will keep you protected, regardless of the elements. So whether it is heavy downpour or the truculent UV rays of the sun, our all-weather hats will shield you.

At HNH, we also understand the importance of that perfect fit. And so, we have conceptualized and developed a unique Comfort Fit System. It is a system that paves way for greater comfort and sizing adjustments, thus ensuring that every piece is custom made and sized in sync with your requirements. Private labeling without much ado takes the custom designing experience to a completely new level. The ease with which the sweat bands can be removed and replaced adds to the value of your prized possession.

About HNH

HNH began its illustrious journey in 1972 when its founder, Gary Watrous lent his prodigious talent to leather. His affinity and appreciation of the material enabled him to develop a special treatment for leather. It was just a matter of time before a lightweight, flexible and stylish hat was born. The company received a dose of freshness with the entry of Gary’s son, Garth Watrous, into the business. Today, even after 4 glorious decades, HNH remains as vibrant and innovative as ever.

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