Royal House of David Launches New Website!

Website features a New Message of Hope for The WORLD!

Online PR News – 15-September-2011 – – Toronto, Ontario A new website has just been launched that sends a message of equality and brotherhood. The site is dedicated to fighting political and social injustice.

The Royal House Of David ( ) website is all about spreading awareness about global tyranny, in an effort to bring an end to what the websites creators call self serving human governments. The site also stresses the importance of a universal architecture designed to let all of mankind live in sustainable, peaceful harmony.

Global Architecture ( ) and Universal temple are two of the major themes that are the foundation of the philosophy behind this website and the movement it represents. The Star Of David ( ), and the House of David, “stands hand in hand for our future, in service and protection of our world as global brothers and sisters.” These words have different, somewhat eclectic meaning for different people. The general idea though remains common to all who hear it; that the human race needs to develop a unity and oneness if we are ever to achieve our full potential as a race. Self serving governments and grossly concentrated wealth are two self perpetuating forces that will do whatever is necessary to preserve their undeserved positions at the top of the world’s power structure. Only by repressing any group, individual, or political entity that opposes them can they retain the wealth and power they have so unjustly stumbled upon.

The House of David does not advocate any specific anti power structure acts, and is not associated with any anarchist groups or radical extremist organizations. The Royal house of David appears to be focused on helping to enlighten the world about the true nature of global politics in an attempt to help improve the lot of mankind in general.

The website promotes the Global Development of mankind, putting forth the proposition that all of mankind needs to act as a family, instead of as a bunch of opposing political and religious factions. Unity, brotherhood, and Global Architecture that incorporates responsible stewardship of our planet and our selves are what the House of David and Universal Temple stand for.

About the Royal House of David : This website serves to educate and inform so we can demand the equality that is rightfully ours, and be freed from the current tyranny we suffer under.