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Inferno Solutions is one of the best IT firm Launching Best Clustering Services with an Ebook which will give you answers of your every Questions like " what is clustering ".

Online PR News – 15-September-2011 – – Cluster a set of computers linked & coupled together for supporting complex and heavy applications performing critical task. Clustering a technique to implement clusters has brought a revloutionary change in hosting and running applications in internet and networks. They act and run as single computer hosting applications without the end user knowing the fact that it's a clustered based application they are using. For eg: consider, wouldn't be running on a single machines but their load would redistributed to various machines linked together and running the portal and websites. This way cluster helps to ensure that users have constant access to importan server-based resources.

There are various types of clusters like filesystem cluster, load balancing clusters,server clusters,database clusters etc. Oracle a big name in database management application has introduced Oracle cluster file system to support their RDBMS in clustered environment. Similary There are variosu operating systems using GFS like Global File system introduced and used by Redhat Operating system along with there are various open source applications supporting filesystem clustering like DRBD (Distribute Replication Block Device). Even mysql has various types of replication
configurations like single/dual master replication,master-slave replication.

Clusters gives and provides robust stability to your application and resources ensuring 100% uptime.We@inferno solutions have been providing cluster based services on open source platforms like heartbeat,DRBD,mysql,OCFS,GFS to our valuable clients and also providing training for the same. We have also release an ebook on clustering on our ebooks store consisting of all the methods,configurations,installations required to make you an clustering expert. In short to conclude clustering of your apps helps you to gain an additional edge in today's demanding competitive market and more reliable servces to your

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