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Today a lot of diseases are affecting human bodies due to allergy, immunity and hormone imbalance.

Online PR News – 15-September-2011 – – Toledo, OH ( onlineprnews ) September 13, 2011 - Today a lot of diseases are affecting human bodies due to allergy, immunity and hormone imbalance. Asthma, a disease caused due to allergens, cold air, emotional stress or exercise, is a long term respiratory condition where the airway suddenly narrows.

Allergy is inherited by parents. It is a hypersensitivity disorder of immune system. It is actually a response to any substance within body that is not harmful but results in a reaction and response to the immune system. These reactions are cause by some substances in environment called allergens.

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The TCAAIH Health team is led by Dr. Tano who is MD, from Medical College of Ohio, School of Medicine, Toledo, Ohio, Ph.D., from State University of New York at Albany, Albany, New York, and B. S., from the University of Toledo, Toledo, Ohio, has been working on Allergy and Clinical Immunology for past many years. He also has had intensive training in allergy, hormone imbalance, immunity and consequences. He has won many awards and certificated for his excellent performance and academic achievement and still he is continuously making efforts for improving health of people.