USS Vandenberg is Top Pick in Key West Diving Survey

Internet survey reveals diving the USS Vandenberg is number one choice for winter diving vacations this year.

Online PR News – 07-January-2010 – – In a survey conducted over the internet during a three month span, Key West Diving came out ahead of other locations, with the USS Vandenberg topping the list of more than one third of those surveyed. And it's no wonder, since the sinking of the USS Vandenberg last May was one of the highlights of the year in Key West. The sinking was also a key event in the international scuba diving community as well. Scuba divers from all over the world have been waiting with baited breath for a chance to come to the Southernmost City for a little Key West diving on the USS Vandenberg.

The artificial wreck has changed a lot since it sinking seven months ago. When first sunk, the white satellite dish and even at times the top deck were visible from the surface when the visibility was good. Within a week, barracuda were hovering along the entire length of the Vandenberg. Now, it's beginning to accumulate a covering of marine growths, with a larger variety of fish around it.

"It's incredible to witness the transformation of the USS Vandenberg from a sunken warship to an artifical reef" says Andy Harmon, local dive master and Key West diving expert for many years. "I dive the Vandenberg almost every week, at least a few times, and it's never the same". Lately we've seen large schools of wahoo on the wreck, which is very exciting for us". Mr. Harmon also does some amazing underwater photography and the Vandenberg is his ever-changing muse, much like Monet's haystacks. Changing conditions such as proximity of the Gulf Stream, incoming and outgoing tides, and water temperatures make each day's dive unique. His photos of the USS Vandenberg artifical reef site and other Key West diving spots can be found at

Key West diving has been a vacation favorite for decades, but with the addition of this amazing artificial reef to the roster, it's a worldwide top pick for diving vacationers. A three-month survey taken by the folks at clearly points out that for now, Key West diving the Vandenberg is first choice. This is the first winter season where scuba divers can visit the Vandenberg. They are excited to see something new, and to be among the first to dive this new site. For winter dives, the folks at recommend divers bring a 3mm or even a 5mm wetsuit. The waters are still warmer here than other places in Florida, at 65 degrees as of today, but in scuba diving terms, that can feel cold after just a little while in the water. Still, those surveyed chose Key West diving as their first choice, at about a rate of about one in three. With dozens of top places in the world known for scuba diving, that represents a significant chunk of the scuba community.

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