Michigan Mom Gives Writers a Better Way to Get Published

Michigan mother, coach and author turned publisher, opens the door to new writers actually getting their work out to the masses.

Online PR News – 07-January-2010 – – Taylor, MI - Michigan’s poor economy and unprecedented job losses have made many of its residents seek a better life outside the Great Lakes State. The all but collapse of the auto industry has almost paralyzed a shrinking market and crushed the hopes of many who often give up on their own dreams to accept menial jobs designed to make the ends meet—even if just barely. Ironically, the area hit hardest by today’s recession was actually the nexus of a movement founded by the legendary Henry Ford, who, during a time much like we see now, re-invented the labor market and almost single-handedly invented the middle class. Henry Ford’s vision that revolutionized the auto industry has been the inspiration for a Michigan mother of two, Nova Yeoman, not only pursuing her dream, but helping others to live theirs as well.

“As an author and coach, I am always seeking ways to help others better their lives. Many coaching clients were looking for solutions to a myriad of problems and often had trouble finding those solutions," says Yeoman. With that thought in mind, she set out to create a central source of useful and even life changing information. An e-book store with content provided by authors and experts from a variety of fields, including coaches and other success-oriented professionals that cater to readers looking to improve their lot in life. Thus, Guides to Successful Living was born.

Guides to Successful Living publishes both fiction and nonfiction work as electronic books designed to help readers get the most out of life. Authors are paid 50% royalties on their e-book sales, which are paid monthly via a PayPal account. Each book is given individual attention and processed based on merit. Authors are taken seriously and given an opportunity to display their work in a professional environment. Readers can share and save any e-book’s direct webpage link, submit and read book reviews, read brief author biographies and view direct contact information for each writer.

“Our e-book store operates more like an electronic publishing house than a mere selling portal. I am very hands on in every part of the publishing process and scrutinize each manuscript submission carefully. We’re no Clickbank mall that’s for sure," states Yeoman.

Authors must agree to the terms and conditions and join the Professional E-Writers Network (P.E.N.) in order to have their manuscripts reviewed. “Another thing that sets us a part from other e-book publishers is our community of writers. Authors are encouraged to join our Ning network where everyone can interact, post messages, upload pictures and videos and basically get to know each other. The supportive atmosphere permeates our network, our e-book store and of course, our e-books themselves," Yeoman asserts.

Writers who want to have their manuscript published can find a great venue to showcase their work and the opportunity to make a substantial income.

For additional information on the news that is the subject of this release, contact Nova Yeoman or visit www.GuidesToSuccessfulLiving.com.

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