Online Auto Insurance Offers Advice to Those without a Driver’s License

Individuals may be able to obtain car insurance without a driver's license

Online PR News – 07-January-2010 – – Auto insurance is one item that everyone who owns or operates a vehicle may need. Most states have established a minimum amount of coverage that must be in place to operate legally on their roadways or to register a vehicle. Because coverage is issued on the automobile, rather than the driver, a driver's license is not always mandatory to obtain a policy.

Many people are under the false notion that they are uninsurable because they are not licensed; this is not necessarily true, in fact auto insurance without drivers license is offered by some companies depending on their underwriting guidelines. Many insurers will insure individuals with an international license or international identification card.

There are those who believe that their rates will automatically be higher because they have no license. This may or may not be the case, depending on the provider and the reason for not having a license. Those who have had their license suspended or revoked for DUI, etc. will probably have to pay more than someone who has never had a license.

As previously stated, almost all fifty states have laws in place that define the minimum amount of insurance coverage that must be in place to operate a vehicle on the roadways. Even if the owner of the vehicle has no driver's license, states such as Texas require owner to have minimum coverage in place in order to maintain their registration.


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