Nationwide Mobility Introduces New Safe and Convenient Walk in Shower and Walk in Baths

Nationwide mobility bath has a range of walk in shower and walk in baths that have greatly transformed the bathing experience in terms of safety and convenience. The mobility bath technology is definitely a step in the right direction towards safe and enjoyable bath times.

Online PR News – 13-September-2011 – – Farnborough, Hampshire, 11 September 2011: Nationwide Mobility has secured the bathing safety and convenience of its clients with cutting edge mobility bath designs. The mobility bath designs consist of a range of walk in shower and walk in baths designs meant to address the safety and convenience of bathing for various client needs. The walk in shower and walk in baths are employ new bathroom technology to ensure that the bathing experience is much safer, convenient and effective.

The walk in baths and walk in shower have a standard easy access water tight door that is meant to make it easier to get in and out of the bathtub or shower. This design has particularly addressed the needs of the disabled and elderly as the process of getting in and out of the bathtub is usually hazardous with the possibility of slipping. For the physically challenged, such walk in baths has enabled them to enjoy the privacy of taking care of themselves by going through the bathing process without any help.

Nation wide mobility bath managers have safety policies in place with all their mobility bath variations saying “we offer a comprehensive range of bath solutions for the needs of various clients. Whether it is a medical condition, ageing or physical disability, our mobility bath designs aim to make this very vital daily process much safer and less of a task for our clients. The mobility bath design with the powered removable seat has particularly been appreciated by our clients. Walk in baths also have other variations that meet the safety needs of bathrooms considering the bathroom hazards that most people face on a daily basis.”

The walk in shower and walk in baths have some convenience and luxury variations. These include the powered removable seat that can be adjusted to height. If standing during you bath is a major task for you then this variation is very convenient. You can also use it to safely lower yourself into the bath tub. The mobility bath technology also consists of thermostat controlled taps that are easy to use to regulate bath water temperature. The bath tubs usually come with a luxury head rest for more comfort within the bath. The water tight access door is also designed for maximum functionality. Slipping in the bathroom is the biggest concern for most people as many people have suffered brain haemorrhages and suffered a lot of brain injury from falling in bath tubs. The mobility bath designs have an anti slip surface to prevent this very unfortunate occurrence.

The mobility bath can be installed in already existing bathtub space in your home. You do not have to worry about having to make grand renovation changes on your home when it comes to installing the baths.

Further on the technology used in the mobility bath designs the CEO said “since convenience is one of our main aims, the technology used in the walk in baths such as the powered seats and the thermostat controlled taps is very simple and anybody can use the bath tub controls.”

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The company has for the past 15 years served the stringent tastes and needs for bathing solutions Like Bath Seats, walk in shower and other bath products, in the UK constantly coming up with new and advanced technology to make the bathing experience more enjoyable. With the safety of its clients in mind the mobility bath designs are those that you can rely on to service your bathing needs qualitatively.